Mid-century pieces still manage to look current even with many of the designs being over 50 years old. That’s because of the simple lines and careful detailing. And while the pieces tend to be spendy, you are practically guaranteed that if you buy one of the following pieces, you will have it for life, since it will never go out of style. The clean and uncluttered feel provides the perfect inspiration for the gender neutral nursery. So stop shopping around! We have all your nursery essentials here.

1. American Modern 6-Drawer Dress ($3,225): This is a great dresser for a nursery with shallow top drawers for diapers and wipes. Plus, it’s long enough to have a changing pad and lamp setting on top of it.

2. Eames Lounge and Ottoman ($4,559): This famous Eames chair and ottoman is a classic that will be a perfect addition to any room once it has moved on from its need in the nursery.

3. Chevron Fitted Crib Sheet ($40): Keep the sheets simple, but complementary to the look and feel of the room with a small, neutral chevron pattern.

4. Mid-Century French White Crib ($799): A simple crib that fits nicely among the other pieces in the room is the way to go.

5. Menagerie Bookend ($58): These leather animal bookends are not only highly functional, but also add the perfect cute factor to the room.

6. Natural Tree Stump Side Table ($249): This natural wood stump table is the perfect size to sit along side the Eames chair. It’s where you can place your book or bottle while rocking your little one to sleep.

7. Camel Richard Nixon Peruvian Llama Flat Weave Rug ($795): This simple patterned rug ties together the look and feel of the nursery, but it would also work in another room at some point or as this room changes from being a baby’s room to a big kid’s room in the not-so-distant future.

8. Boxes + Planes Bookshelf ($399): West Elm makes this low bookshelf that serves as a place to store supplies while blending in with the rest of your pieces.

9. Vintage Illuminated Marquee ($199): These vintage letters are the ideal wall decoration. Light up your kiddo’s name or initials in lights.

10. Satellite Chandelier ($1,325): This mid-century chandelier strikes the balance of sophistication and fun.

11. Fox Pillow Cover ($48): This fox pillow serves as a nice complement to the animal bookends. Set it on your Eames chair for extra support during book reading.

12. Kuba Pillow Cover ($68): The pattern on the pillow works well with the rug patterning, as well as the chevron crib sheet. And really you can never have enough support pillows when you’ve been holding your baby for hours on end.

What mid-century nursery staples are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!