They say time travel isn’t possible, but damn y’all. It really, really feels like we’ve slipped back to 1998. Everyone we know is playing Pokemon. Britney Spears just released a new single. And all the cool kids are wearing choker necklaces. I mean should we bust out our Furby collection again? Oh wait, there’s a new Furby being released this month (not a joke, that’s real news).

As obvious as the ’90s influence is in women’s fashion these days, it hasn’t been quite as dramatic on the men’s side of things. But it looks like that might be changing. Case in point: Miles Teller’s new hairstyle that is 100 percent the look every boy you knew middle thought made them look like a badass.

The 2016 ESPYS - Backstage And Audience

Miles stepped out on the red carpet at the ESPYs rocking not that dark hair we’ve come to associate him with, but instead a fully bleached new ‘do.

Is this for a new role? Are you trying to keep up with all the other celeb hair makeovers that have been going down in Hollywood this summer? Or are you looking to fill the boy band void One Direction’s breakup has left us with, Miles? Because TBH this is looking exactly like another famous boy band member’s famous locks. I mean… I’m just going to leave this photo of prime 1998 Justin Timberlake here for comparison.

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(Photo via Ron Galella/Kevin Mazur/Getty)