Whether it鈥檚 Dr. Mindy Lahiri鈥檚 wardrobe (AKA her on-screen persona from The Mindy Project) or her IRL closet, Mindy Kaling鈥檚 style never lacks for color. The comedian, who has never shied from mixing patterns, isn鈥檛 limited to choosing bold styles for her clothes. The recent renovation of her Los Angeles home proves that she nests the same way she dresses.

Kaling recently gave Architectural Digest a tour of her newly decorated home, and it looks like a colorful dream 鈥 which was the point. The Office alum worked with decorator Katie Ridder, whom she found on Instagram (really!) to make her vivid dreams a reality.

鈥淪he wanted it to be happy. She wanted it to be warm. You see the way she dresses on the show,鈥 Ridder told the magazine. After 10 months of facelifting, she can finally call her new place in the Hancock Park neighborhood home sweet home.

In the interview, Kaling said she wanted a big space for friends and coworkers to gather for screenings and meetings. That includes a sunny backyard complete with a dreamy pool that basically begs you to jump in 鈥 right after you snap a pic for Instagram.

As Kaling settles into her new digs, she鈥檚 also working on becoming the perfect hands-on hostess. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 want to have everything catered. I want to, you know, hit the grocery store,鈥 she said.

Meanwhile, we鈥檒l be over here checking our mailbox for the housewarming invitation!

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(h/t Architectural Digest; photos via Floto+Warner for Architectural Digest )