Let’s be straight for a second. As cool as wind chimes seem when you hear them twinkling outside a beachside thrift store, it’s hard to actually convince yourself to buy some. Too often they’re clunky, loud, and have a nasty habit of waking you up pretty much any time a breeze blows by your window. But sometimes there is the rare occasion when you discover a set of chimes that actually sound beautiful, and look the part as well.

There aren’t that many light and melodic wind chimes available made from anything but old seashells and feathers. But there is at least one modern and stylish set of chimes, made by Ladies & Gentlemen studio, that we would feel good about stringing up on our porch.

The modernist melodic chimes work both indoors and out, but the real selling point is how simplistically gorgeous they are. A mix of glass, metal, ceramic, wood and leather, these are more like abstract art than kitschy accessories.

Each chime set is unique and handmade, a tiny, hanging modern art sculpture. And given the light materials of each piece, the sound is also quite delicate and, dare we say it, actually pleasant to listen to every time you open the door.

Whether you keep the chimes indoors or display them outside for everyone to see and hear, we think these modern and artistic pieces would be a great fit in any stylish home that wants to add a bit of sophisticated beach-life charm.

The chimes are available for purchase via the Ladies & Gentlemen studio site. Prices are a little steep, but when you consider the fact that you’re actually buying a piece of gorgeous artwork, the price seems worth it.

What do you think of these modernized wind chimes? Would you string these up in your home? Let us know your thoughts below.