Leather jewelry keeps us very happy. It can be as fancy or as fancy-free as your outfit desires, and it’s so easy to make at home with just a few simple tools. From designer-inspired statement suede fringe necklaces to five-minute braided vegan leather bracelets, we curated 32 of the most inspiring DIY leather projects on the planet. These on-trend jewelry tutorials are anything but off-the-cuff!

1. Geometric Leather Pendants: We shall use all the colors! All the patterns! (via Brit + Co.)

2. Scalloped Bar Necklace: A very crafty blogger reveals her secret to sealing clean-cut edges on this gold-sprayed leather piece, the one, the only, Mod Podge. (via The Minted Strawberry)

3. Color Block Boomerang Necklace: Tutorials that include printable patterns to keep us on track? That’s a DIY win. (via Melissa Esplin)

4. Lovely Little Knot Necklace: Knot your average necklace, this sprightly knotty pendant is paired with perfectly curated hardware. (via Erin Siegel Jewelry)

5. Leather Bow Bracelet: It’s a bow. On your wrist. Because that’s adorable. (via Oh The Lovely Things)

6. Sachin + Babi Rorschach Necklace: Give all your Tinder dates a designer-inspired ink-blot test to weed out the crazies. (via Honestly WTF)

7. Studded Leopard Suede Bracelet: Even the leopard print is DIY! We only hope we have as much skill with a permanent marker as this blogger does. (via Studs + Pearls)

8. Cut Out Cuff: Bracelets that’ll pass geometry with straight A’s. (via Melissa Esplin)

9. Painted Fringe Necklace: We love a good pop o’ hot pink, and this painted fringe necklace is one of our all-time favorite DIYs. (via Time For Tea)

10. Boho Cuff: Fact — with this fabric and leather cuff, you too can look like a Ralph Lauren model. (via The Merry Thought)

11. Leather Bolo Dipped Necklace: A totally modern mash-up of leather bow-tie and bolo-tie trends. (via Melissa Esplin)

12. Leather Illusion Knot Cuff: This simple knotted bracelet looks so much more expensive than it really is. It’s inspiring a matching belt project over here. (via Inspiration Realisation)

13. Leather Diamond: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, especially when they are DIY-ed. (via An-Magritt)

14. Tribal Painted Feather Earrings: Pull out your acrylics and go to town on these painted feather earrings. (via Sew Country Chick)

15. Leather Leaves Necklace: The simplicity and texture of the leather folds results in a beautiful (but not overdone) piece. (via Little Livingstone)

16. Funky Leather Gem Earrings: Jazz up your earlobes with a hefty dose of color and sparkle. These little guys remind us of tiny orange spaceships, so bonus. (via Cinnamon Spring)

17. Leather Wrap Bracelet: This blogger bought this at J. Crew, right? It’s almost too wonderful to be DIY. Almost. (via Lebenslustiger)

18. Leather Mirror Tile Necklace: Mirror, mirror, on the… neck? The fairytale might not work, but this necklace does. (via Brit + Co.)

19. Painted Leather Bracelets: OMG, please-please-please be slap bracelets. (via A Beautiful Mess)

20. Gold Leather Collar: Peter Pan meets Twiggy meets you. (via Refinery29)

21. Collar Flores De Piel: With a color swap, this could be a stunning statement necklace for a bride too. (via Anna Evers)

22. Leather Tassel Jewelry: Beware that after you make this necklace and earring set, you will not be able to stop playing with the tassels. (via Brit + Co.)

23. Studded Bracelets: Studs all day err’day. We love the juxtaposition of the girlish pink and the heavier hardware. (via Martha Stewart)

24. Leather Feather Necklace: Couldn’t get much cuter than this bohemian feathery necklace. (via A Clover and A Bee)

25. Leather Arrow Bracelet: The arrows continuously point in the direction of ice cream. (via By Wilma)

26. Leather Cut Out Bib Necklace: A rare adult bib that doesn’t have a red crustacean on the front of it. (via A Nest For All Seasons)

27. Leather Rings: To add to your stackable ring collection! (via Hello Hydrangea)

28. Five Minute Bow Hair Tie: Oh, fer cute. Maybe this one’s not technically jewelry, but we just had to. (via Oh The Lovely Things)

29. Leather Triangle Earrings: Because, of course, pointy things near your ears are always a good idea. (via Henry Happened)

30. Suede Chain Stacking Bracelets: Everyday arm art that goes with just about anything. (via Brit + Co.)

31. Leather Wrapped Bangles: This blogger had a unique take on a big braided cuff that used multiple gold bangles to create one big super-bangle that will probably save the world someday. (via Handmadera)

32. Layered Leather Bracelet: One of our most popular Brit Kits is all about the leather! (via Brit + Co.)

We could keep going on and on about leather until the cows come home, but we’d love to give you a turn. Let us know your leather jewelry DIY ideas in the comments!