Whenever we’re feeling hungry for inspiration, one of our go-to spots is MoMA’s online store. They’ve got an incredible combination of artistic, innovative, and quirky — three adjectives we happen to know a thing or two about. Here are 10 tech-related finds that stood out on our latest virtual visit to MoMA!

1. MakerBot Mixtape ($45): First up, this little cassette is actually a digital MP3 player. How cool is that? Like any music player, this lets you play, pause, rewind, and all that good stuff, and holds 2GB of music. The best part? It comes preloaded with a song created by mixing sounds from MakerBot 3D Printers. And naturally, the device itself was 3D printed.

2. Muji Handheld Mechanical Shredder ($11): A handheld shredder? Yes. Perfect for all those receipts you digitized… or for making confetti.

3. Cuboluce Lamp ($145): It’s a cube of LIGHT. What more do you need to know? We love how mysterious this cube of luminescence is, and we need at least one here at Brit HQ pronto.

4. Cube Clock ($38): Speaking of cubes, this beautiful wooden piece will tell you the time and the temperature, and it’ll look darn good doing it.

5. Interactive Speaker ($30): A great travel speaker, all you have to do is set your smartphone down on the speaker to make it project music. Also makes for a great party trick :)

6. Branch Earphone Splitter ($10): This earphone splitter is actually a beautiful piece of useful tech, making it easy for 3 people to listen to or watch the same thing at once. The question is: could you plug 3 Jamboxes into it?

7. Block Lamp ($140): Inspired by industrial glass bricks, this beautiful glass piece of lighting is made up of two glass blocks that conceal a 25-watt candelabra bulb.

8. Stylus Pen ($40): Are you ready for the future? This pen is a stylus on one end and a ballpoint pen on the other. The MoMA site describes that “with its two-in-one capabilities, the Stylus Pen exhibits multi-functional applications, a design principle celebrated in the Museum’s collection.” We say, hear hear!

9. Plasma Nightlight ($30): This is like having a crystal ball as your nightlight. It plugs directly into the wall and radiates colored light throughout the night. So cool.

10. Verbarius Electronic Clock ($250): And last, we’ve got a rather longwinded clock. It’s not the first time we’ve seen clocks that speak the time in words rather than numbers, and it’s a trend the word nerds in us totally love.

Have you seen anything awesome at the MoMA store or another online museum shop? Talk to us in the comments below.