You know all those mommy-and-me classes you used to make fun of? Well, be prepared to eat your words. These classes won’t only help you bond with your little babe, but they’ll save your sanity by motivating you to get out of the house and find your mommy sisterhood. Signing up for the wrong class can send you running for the hills and second guessing this whole socializing with other moms thing. You can take your toddler to Disneyland or friends can just host you and your new baby all the time, right? Right. Mommy and me classes can be entertaining — the key is finding the class that’s right for you. Here are five mommy and me classes that definitely aren’t lame.

Drawing a picture

1. Painting Class: Roll up your sleeves and learn to work together during a mommy and me painting class. Best suited for kids five-years-old and up, an instructor will guide you step-by-step through creating your own masterpieces. The perfect addition to your Pinterest-worthy gallery wall, you and your budding Picasso will each get to take your canvas home. (Photo via Getty)

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2. Infant Swimming Resource Swim Lessons: This isn’t just some frivolous class where you’ll head home wondering what on earth you just did for the last hour when you could’ve been snuggled up binge watching Netflix instead. With your help, and the instruction of a certified-ISR swim coach, your little one will learn all the skills to save themselves in the event of a water emergency. Babies as young as six months learn to roll onto their back to float, rest and breathe, and stay that way until help arrives. They’ll develop confidence in the water that’ll give you some major peace of mind when you’re poolside. (Photo via Infant Swimming Resource)

Mothers and babies meditating

3. Family Yoga: Many yoga studios offer parent and child classes that will help you strengthen and recover post-pregnancy while you’re bonding with your little one. While toting your kid along seems counterproductive to finding your zen, family yoga will teach them to sit still and pay attention for an extended period of time. (Photo via Getty)

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4. CrossFit Kids: Looking for a little more intensity than yoga can provide? CrossFit Kids might be your answer. Kids as young as three can join you for a WOD (CrossFit speak for workout of the day) at more than 1,800 gyms across the country. By introducing fitness as a family at an early age, you can help your little one develop healthy exercise habits and a body-positive outlook. (Photo via CrossFit Kids)

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5. Kindermusik: Do you dance to the beat of your own drum? It’s scientifically proven that music has a positive impact on both children and adults alike. Active music-making helps children develop balance and coordination, along with listening and reading skills. Plus, watching your little one giggle and wiggle is good for your soul. With classes in over 70 countries for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, big kids and those with special needs, there’s a Kindermusik class for everyone. (Photo via Kindermusik)

6. Gymnastics: Jumping, balancing, climbing, crawling — numerous physical skills are encouraged by gymnastics and tumbling classes. Kids will learn the foundations of muscle strength, power endurance and body awareness. But as a mom, you’ll just be grateful your kiddo can finally burn off that excess energy without tearing through your house like a Tasmanian devil. The Little Gym or MyGym are great for infants and toddlers. But if you’re looking for actual gymnastics training, check with your local YMCA, recreation center or a nearby certified USA gymnastics center. (Photo via Getty)

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