You call it a fitness tracker, but chances are, whatever is wrapped around your wrist is hardly more than a hyped-up pedometer that can only give you a bunch of ballpark stats. And in the midst of Jawbones, Fuel Bands, and Fitbits flying off shelves around the world, enters a game changer that goes by the name of Atlas.

Now raising funds on Indiegogo, Atlas is already being praised by the likes of Fast Company as a fitness tracker that puts everything else in the fitness arena to shame. Take note. This Atlas is hardly one you’re going to want to shrug off ;)

So what’s all the buzz about? Co-founder Peter Li says the tracker can tell the difference between activities, but not just the difference between SoulCycle and Ashtanga. It can tell when you’re doing a demi plie and when you’re doing a grand one. (Yes, we are currently rocking bar classes.) It comes loaded with the most popular workouts and can learn new routines based on your habits. You better believe it’s going to track every lap swam, weight lifted, and step-ball-change tapped.

What’s more? It gives you real-time feedback on your performance. For example, say you’re doing your 20 morning lunges. The first ten you complete are excellent… top notch, really. But as you start to fatigue, the quality goes down hill. Atlas knows that. And it’s not afraid to be totally straightforward if it thinks you’re slacking. On top of that, it monitors your heart rate so you know how certain exercises affect how hard your ticker is pumping too.

By now you might be screaming “BS! How is that possible?” The answer is that the wrist-worn device comes packed with a crazy algorithm that was in development for literally years. And what it can now do is measure trajectory, movement, and speed. It all adds up to some serious data being delivered back to you.

To score yourself one of the first set to release in Q4 of this year, you better be ready to throw down $179 and fast. There aren’t many left at that price, which by the way, we think is pretty fair since those other non-fitness fitness trackers are basically charging the same price for a fraction of the info.

It goes without saying, right about now, personal trainers everywhere are shaking in their Nikes.

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