Your first look at BIP‘s return leads this morning’s top news stories. Check out that and more below in the Tuesday Morning Buzz!

1. After a tumultuous start and stop to its fourth season, Bachelor In Paradise has released the first trailer for the upcoming season, and it has people feeling all kinds of feelings. The trailer, which premiered on People, opens with a dramatic voiceover. “The sun had almost set. Summer was almost ruined. Paradise was almost lost,” the voiceover says, as tweets from disappointed fans flash on the screen. “Until it wasn’t.” Then, the preview goes on to show fans celebrating the series’ return. While many are indeed excited for the show’s comeback, some fans feel that the tone of the trailer is a little too quippy considering the severity of the initial allegations (which investigations cleared). “Am I the only one feeling uneasy about the #BachelorInParadise previews?” one fan tweeted. “They make the incident seem like it was nothing.” BIP returns to ABC on Monday, August 14. (h/t People)

2. Ed Sheeran will appear on The Simpsons after a hyped Game of Thrones cameo this past Sunday. Sheeran is turning into a TV star practically overnight! After an appearance on the GoT season seven premiere, the singer will star as — you guessed it! — a musician named Brendan on the upcoming season of the long-running Fox animated series. Sheeran excitedly shared the news on Instagram, saying it’s been a “surreal and amazing” year. The singer did NOT cross-post this one to his Twitter, however, as he seems to have actually deleted his account after making vague comments about quitting the platform earlier this month. (h/t EW)

3. Bella Thorne finally responded to those Scott Disick rumors. Thorne and Disick were originally linked earlier this spring, and rumors flew into overdrive when they were spotted getting close in Cannes. Thorne had previously said that she wasn’t talking about Disick when claiming Cannes wasn’t for her, but now, in a new interview on The Jenny McCarthy Show on SiriusXM, Thorne clears up once and for all what did — or rather, didn’t — happen with the two. “We were never involved sexually,” Thorne said, after being asked if the two were “still involved.” Thorne, of course, shouldn’t have to comment at all if she chooses not to, but this answer is as clear as it gets. (h/t Teen Vogue, photo via Jonathan Leibson/Getty)

4. People really need to know if Taylor Swift was hiding in a giant suitcase. Yesterday, a seemingly normal photo of two men carrying a large suitcase became a meme when a photo agency claimed in a caption that Taylor Swift was inside the oversized luggage, secretly being carried out of her New York apartment. Twitter did its thing, with many people immediately turning it into memes and many more not sure what to make of it but NEEDING it to be true. Swift’s reps denied that she was in the giant suitcase, and the photo caption was eventually retracted.

5. A golden retriever saved a drowning baby fawn and people can’t handle it. Here’s your feel-good animal video of the day: After seeing a baby deer struggling in the water in Long Island, a golden retriever named Storm jumped in, carried it to safety, and nuzzled it to check on its well being. Many people pointed out how good of a dog Storm is, while many more deemed dogs much better than people. (h/t Twitter Moments)

6. Quote of the day: “‘Doctor’ has no gender in English.” The Merriam-Webster dictionary threw some of its classic subtle shade at trolls complaining about the female Doctor Who casting.

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