If only morning sickness *only* happened in the morning. Then you could get the not-so-pleasant part of pregnancy done with before heading to the office. But, unfortunately, that鈥檚 not happening for you, so you need to work through the vomiting and nausea. Don鈥檛 stress. You鈥檙e not the first mama-to-be who鈥檚 had to deal with a morning sickness-filled work day. Whether you鈥檙e running to a meeting, video conferencing with your international team or just trying to type an email without heaving on your laptop, these tips can help you to stay sane and keep your morning sickness under control while you鈥檙e on the clock.


1. Sneak in snack breaks. Several small meals every day may make your belly feel better than three major ones. Stash a few packs of crackers or some other easy-to-digest treats in your desk. Protein-rich foods such as string cheese may also help to keep your nausea in check. Chow down every few hours to keep that queasy feeling at bay.

2. Find fresh air. The stale air of your office isn鈥檛 doing much to stop your morning sickness. You can still smell what鈥檚 left of yesterday鈥檚 pizza lunch, and the coffee scent is turning your stomach. Take a moment to step outside 鈥 or move close to an open window 鈥 and get some fresh air. It will refresh your senses and give you a break from any offensive smells.

3. Sniff a lemon. Can鈥檛 get outside for a fresh air break? That鈥檚 okay. Keep some lemon water, a slice of lemon or something else with a citrusy smell nearby. Take a whiff when your tummy turns. The fresh scent may calm the queasiness. A sniff of fresh or candy mint may do the same trick.

4. Make a polite plea. Pregnancy is giving you a sense of smell that鈥檚 on par with your furry friend, Fido. That means Janice in the next cubicle鈥檚 flowery perfume is totally aggravating your morning sickness. Even though you were into the scent a few months ago, it鈥檚 now in the running for the worst smell ever. Politely ask coworkers who wear powerful perfumes, lotions and colognes if it鈥檚 possible to tone down the scent.

5. Pack your lunch. Monday is Mexican, Tuesday is all-you-can-eat crab legs and the rest of week is filled with themed lunches that make your stomach do flip-flops. Pack a lunch that works for your current food cravings and aversions. If going out with the gang is a must-do, munch on your own lunch first and order something simple, or stick with a ginger ale or mint tea at the restaurant.


6. Turn the lights down. Okay, so you can鈥檛 turn down the overhead lights, but you can dim your computer monitor. The bright light of your work laptop may make your nausea even worse. Be sure to take plenty of breaks from your computer screen during the day.

7. Sip away. That mega-sized coffee mug that had a special spot on your desk is sad, since you won鈥檛 be using it for the next few months. But wait! Yes, you ditched the coffee, but that doesn鈥檛 mean you can鈥檛 fill that mug with nausea-busting tea. Make yourself a batch of ginger tea 鈥 real ginger root works, but faux ginger flavor won鈥檛 鈥 and sip it throughout your day.

8. Bring a toothbrush. Sorry, but the constant vomiting isn鈥檛 doing much for your minty fresh breath. Bring a baggie with a toothbrush, paste and mints or gum. Use your freshen-up bag during the day 鈥 and definitely before a big board meeting or a meet and greet with new clients.

9. Let coworkers know. The other people in your department are beginning to wonder why you keep ducking out of the staff meetings. You鈥檙e hunched over your desk and clearly not feeling well. To your coworkers, you might as well be hung over. Let them in on the secret and help them to understand your new needs.

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