Finding time to fit in a sweat session when you’re busy being a #girlboss or crushing your nine-to-five can quickly turn into another to-do list item you’re just dreading to check off the list. But we know, fitness should be fun! So why not kill two (three? four?) birds with one stone and knock out your workout during the work day? We’ve rounded up a routine for every day of the work week that you can do at the office or on your lunch break so breaking a sweat doesn’t have to break your day.

Work(out) on, people.


1. TIU Conference Room Workout: Karena and Katrina are at it again — this time with a workout built *specifically* for the office. You can squeeze in this 10-minute toning routine even in your work attire, because all you need is a table. Bonus: This baby is a total body workout, hitting your arms, legs, back AND booty. (via Tone It Up)


2. Low Impact Total Body Chair Workout Routine: If you’re taking a break from the office but not actually stepping away, this 32-minute workout is perfect. You’ll do two rounds of 10 exercises each and all you’ll really need is a chair (dumbbells are optional). Book yourself a conference room, lock the door and you’ll be on your way to a low-impact workout in no time. (via Fitness Blender)


3. Equinox 30-Minute Workout: The Power Lunch: Move over, power brunch — the power lunch is officially here to stay. You’ll have to walk away and find some space for this 30-minute workout, but it hits all the major muscle groups and will have you reenergized for the afternoon. (via Equinox)


4. 30 Minute Lunch Break Workout: Honestly, sometimes you just need a change of scenery to lead to some serious work productivity. Join Jen at the gym during your lunch hour for this short, strength-building workout that includes two circuits of one minute of work, followed by 30 seconds of rest. (via Jen Heward)


5. Burn 200 Calories in 20 Minutes: Make sure you schedule the other 40 minutes of your lunch hour for hitting the shower, because this high-intensity, full-body workout promises to burn big calories in just a short amount of time. AKA: Be prepared to really sweat it out. (via XHIT Daily)

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