Ladies, we鈥檒l be the first to concede: Working out is hard to do, and sometimes even the best workout motivation mantras don鈥檛 get us there. Scheduling gym time in at the same times weekly helps, but the toughest barrier to sticking to a consistent workout routine remains. You guessed it: AM wake-up calls. Waking up early to head to yoga or fit in some cardio outside the gym can be a major challenge. Especially when your super-comfy modern quilt beckons. We spoke to fitness instructors and asked them to share their go-to tips for ensuring a morning sweat session goes on without a hitch. Time to bust out of your fatigue-roll slump and get on the AM workout track.

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1. Build your community. 鈥淲e鈥檝e all heard that working out with a friend is a great way to develop accountability. But instead of relying on just one friend, get to know the people in your fitness class,鈥 says Julia Falamas, program director of Epic Hybrid Training in New York City. 鈥淭he bigger the community around you the more likely you are to be influenced by them and remain loyal to the program. Finding a gym or class full of enthusiastic early birds is almost better than your morning coffee!鈥

2. Take a time out the night before. Pause, reflect and thank yourself for all the goodness you鈥檒l be flooding your body with come sunrise. 鈥淚 remind myself the night before several times that I am getting up early to workout, practice yoga, run, whatever it is, and acknowledge that while it may not be easy, I am always happy I did it!鈥 offers Jessica Bellofatto of JBYoga, a studio that specializes in stand-up paddle boarding yoga and retreats.

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3. Be kind to yourself, no matter what. Especially to yourself, gals! 鈥淧ractice greeting yourself in the mirror the same way you would greet a long-lost friend,鈥 offers yoga instructor Alyssa Tracy of TruFusion, Las Vegas. Yes. It will seem weird to squeal and hug yourself, but it鈥檚 great practice in complimenting yourself and recognizing how awesome you really are.

4. Grab a friend. 鈥淗aving a friend wake up and work out with you is motivating and will hold you accountable. You can even opt for group classes in the morning, like Zumba, so you鈥檙e not relying on just yourself to get moving,鈥 says Zumba instructor Nick Logrea.

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5. Make it as easy as possible by planning ahead. 鈥淪et out your workout clothes the night before in a place where you can see them from your bed. That way, the second you wake up, you鈥檙e reminded and motivated to get up and out,鈥 says Logrea. Or, follow TruFusion yoga instructor Chidimma Ozor鈥檚 tried-and-true strategy: 鈥淪ome evenings I鈥檒l wear my workout clothes to bed so I have no excuses in the morning. Then all I have to do is grab my water bottle, my wallet and slip my shoes on, and I鈥檓 heading out the door!鈥

6. Turn to social media. 鈥淪ocial media is really changing the game. I used to love participating in 30-day challenges at local gyms or yoga studios. But now with the diversity of Instagram accounts running their own fitness challenges, it鈥檚 easier than ever to participate!鈥 exclaims Falamas. 鈥淎 daily social post is a great way to find motivation to train, especially when there are prizes on the line.鈥

7. Set three alarms. Yes, really. 鈥淭o make sure I wake up, I generally set THREE alarms, spaced about 10 minutes apart,鈥 advises Bellofatto. It鈥檒l make the getting-out-of-bed shuffle that more likely.

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