The constant snowy weather may have you fooled, but believe us — spring and Easter are just around the corner! Here at Brit HQ, the B+C shop is stocked with all the Easter and gifts for Easter baskets that you need, we are boiling eggs like crazy and getting ready to bring you a bazillion ways to decorate Easter eggs. Let’s start the eggciting plunge into Easter with mosaic hard-boiled eggs. These are a great snack for a party or your little one’s lunch. Who wouldn’t want to eat a colorful egg!?



– hard-boiled eggs

– food coloring

– cold water


1. Hard-boil a dozen eggs and let cool.

2. Gently crack the eggs on a paper towel. Remove some of the shell.

3. Mix two drops of food coloring with cold water, place your hard-boiled egg in the water, and let it sit in the fridge overnight.

4. Peel back the egg shell and slice to eat!


After you’ve hard-boiled your eggs and let them cool, gently crack the egg shell and remove some of the smaller pieces. The more egg shell left on the egg, the better the mosaic design will be.


Mix your food coloring with cold water. You can add salt to this water if you want to give your hard-boiled eggs some flavor.


Dunk it in!


Time to wait! Put them in the fridge overnight or for at least five hours.


Remove your eggs from the food colored water and pat dry.


Peel back the shell to reveal the mosaic pattern.


Egg shells for days. We don’t even want to throw these away because they are just as awesome as the eggs!


We love the mix of the springy colors. Have extra time on your hands? Place the egg in a light color such as pink, and then let the bottom soak in a darker color like blue. You will get a fun mix of colors on top of the jaw dropping mosaic pattern.


Purple will always be our favorite. Save the shells to create mosaic eggshell art.


Turn these babies into deviled eggs and you’ll be the talk of spring.

Are you a fan of hard-boiled eggs? What’s your favorite recipe to make with them? Share it with us in the comments below!