Valentine’s Day just passed, Presidents’ Day is today (HBD Washington + Lincoln), Mardi Gras is tomorrow and Chinese New Year is Thursday (#yearofthegoat). Psh, and you thought the holidays were over after Xmas. With so much celebrating happening year ’round, we get that it’s hard to perfectly plan for all the major ones (let alone actually remember when they are). That’s why we’re answering the question you’re probably asking yourself right about now — when is Easter this year? — with a handy checklist to be fully prepared for the hoppiest holiday of all.

To get you ready for Sunday, April 5, 2015 (put it in your calendar, peeps, that’s a couple weeks earlier than last year), we got you started on a little checklist for all of your Easter-related needs. Even the B+C shop is stocked with all the Easter supplies you need + gifts for Easter baskets! The holiday that always jumps around (that darn bunny!) definitely won’t be hoppin’ out of your reach this year ;)

Easter Brunch Ideas


What’s for brunch? That is the most important question every Sunday, not just Easter, and while bacon and eggs are solid for a typical weekend breakfast, they don’t cut it for the holiday. Why not step up your game for the spring affair and indulge in zucchini pancakes?


Then make sure you save room for drinks (before, during + after the meal) because is it really even brunch if no (remixed) mimosas are consumed? We think not.

Easter Outfit Ideas


It’s all about the pastels + florals for your spring festivities. Take a peek at Pantone’s approved spring colors for 2015 and use them as inspo for your Easter Sunday outfit. (photos via Michael Buckner/Getty + Jason Kempin/Getty)

Learn How to Dye Easter Eggs


If the thought of tie dyeing eggs is terrifying to you, go with an alternate route for the essential Easter accessories and wrap a dozen in washi tape. Or go completely off the hardboiled path and decorate wooden or chocolate Easter eggs. We have, oh, you know, like 100 easter egg ideas or more already and are already hatching some ideas for this year ;)

Find Easter Activities for Kids


What to do with the kiddies this year? Make a bird egg family, obviously. Get the little ones busy making penguin, toucan, owl and peacock eggs to guarantee their basket will be the best nest on the block. Stay tuned for more ideas tots and teens will love to DIY over the Easter season.


If your family is more into food than decorating Easter eggs (who isn’t?), give ’em some Easter Rice Krispies to play with.

Creative Easter Basket Ideas


No need to start filling them up now — first fill your Pinboard with ideas for unique takes on the traditional Easter basket, like our non-traditional tote “basket.” How tote-ally adorable ;)

Easter Home Decor


While it may be eggs-tra easy to go over the top when it comes to Easter decorations, you don’t want to make it look like there was a pastel M&M explosion up in your house. Why not keep it a little more in line with your year-round aesthetic by kicking the scent up with subtle lavender lemon candles?


Don’t let us stop you from having an egg-filled time too. Make this tissue paper Easter egg wall art that’s perfect for the kids’ playroom or your creative space, living room or dining room.

What are you planning on doing on Easter Sunday (reminder it’s Sunday, April 5!)? Let us know in the comments.