With so much hoopla surrounding #NationalIceCreamDay, you just may have overlooked the fact that today also happens to be World #Emoji Day!

While we’re super stoked for the arrival of Google’s #girlboss emojis and the Disneymojis that will soon be headed our way, today, we celebrate the emoji we’ve come to know and love best: Some of which are apparently universally (or at least nationally!) loved just a littttllle bit more than others.

twitter emoji

A new survey from Twitter data took the time to research the top emoji being used by individual countries, and they’re not the ones you might expect!

For example? America isn’t *crying laughing,* *pooping* or even *eggplant-ing,* but *weary facing?*

sad emoji

Sharing our apparent discontent are Canada and the UK, while the Philippines, India and Turkey are at the opposite end of the spectrum, using big smiling emojis more than all others.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the countries of Argentina, Brazil and Colombia use music notes most, with Australia giving a perma thumbs up, dudes.

Huh! America, the sad? Who knew!

Come on, guys! Cheer up! Or at least switch it up a little: We, for one, think the squatting monkey emoji is highly underrated.

Which country’s emoji of choice were you most surprised by? Tell us over @BritandCo!

(h/t Hello Giggles, photo via Twitter)