Ever since Netflix shifted its business model from those mail-delivered DVDs to streaming, bingeing has taken on an entirely new meaning. After successfully launching and expanding its original programming slate and even branching into the TV set game, one aspect of the service has always been questionable: their original shows鈥 ratings. Well, that鈥檚 the case no more as San Diego-based Luth Research shared which new series are the most viewed on Netflix with Variety.


The research firm compiled findings from 2,500 Netflix subscribers watching original content through their computers, tablets and smartphones 鈥 unfortunately, the company was not able to acquire insight from smart TVs or streaming-media players like game consoles. Regardless, this study is definitely an outlet to turn to if you鈥檙e not into any of your friend鈥檚 suggestions.


The analysis revealed the recently launched Daredevil is currently the most popular program, with at least one episode being viewed by 10.7% of subscribers in its first 11 days. Coming in second is our personal fave Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, with 7.3% of Netflix鈥檚 subscribers taking in the quirky comedy within its first month of release. The third most viewed show shockingly goes to House of Cards (how is it not #1?!) with 6.5% viewership in its first 30 days. Don鈥檛 fear for Frank Underwood and co though as the D.C.-based drama was the most popular overall series on the platform in March. It also has the title of the streaming service鈥檚 most binge-watched show with nearly half of Netflix users taking in at least three episodes in a single day within the first 30 days of release. Sadly, one new Netflix show isn鈥檛 looking too promising. Kyle Chandler鈥檚 Bloodline hit the bottom of the chart with only 2.4% viewers. That鈥檚 a serious flatline. (Editor鈥檚 Note: THIS IS V DISHEARTENING, Bloodline is sooo good, guys, and you can鈥檛 take this away from me like you all did with Looking. Please watch it, even if just for Coach Taylor. Thank you. Lisa xo)


Noticeably absent from the research are our Litchfield ladies who weren鈥檛 featured in the study since season two was released way back on June 6, 2014. But have no fear as we鈥檙e sure OITNB will wind up topping the charts come summertime.

Do you watch any of Netflix鈥檚 most watched shows? Let us know which ones in the comments.

(Photos via Variety + Netflix)