Planning a wedding is stressful enough. Now add in the fact that you may potentially be searching for a new home, joining finances and maybe adopting a little fur baby along the way. What you end up with is one stressed-out bride. Whenever the stress levels seem to reach new heights, there is always one trusty pal you can turn to time and time again: Netflix. Check out these 13 shows to watch while you are addressing envelopes, DIYing decorations or just need to calm your stressed-out bride nerves.


1. Bob’s Burgers: When you just want to lose yourself in a lot of mindless LOLing, then you’re going to want to watch this animated series. The Belchers are a hilarious and lovable family who run a burger place, and the script and characters will distract you from obsessing over how you’re going to wear your hair. (Photo via Fox)


2. House of Cards: Weddings are stressful, and some days can feel as if you’re doing 20 things all at once. As twisted and engrossing as House of Cards is, it can be surprisingly relaxing. After a few episodes you will be ready to take on the White House… or your wedding. Same thing, right? (Photo via StyleCaster)


3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: If you love Tina Fey, dabbled in musical theatre and dig a good ’90s reference, then Kimmy is your girl. Get ready to spend the next 5 hours or more laughing uncontrollably and eating popcorn without a care in the world, because “Females are strong as hell!” (Photo via The Meta Picture)


4. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations: Looking for some inspo on just where you should go honeymooning? Let Anthony Bourdain take you around the world with him on his culinary adventures while he tries every imaginable dish you can think of. (Photo via Travel Channel)


5. Bloodline: You know those days when you start to consider eloping because your family is driving you completely up a wall? Those are the days to watch Bloodline. The latest Netflix series, set in the Florida Keys, follows the Rayburn family and focuses primarily on the relationship forged between four very different siblings. The first episode’s backdrop is a family reunion of sorts and features a drunk, uninvited guest, sibling arguments and an awkward speech that might just make you realize your wedding won’t be so painful after all.


6. Property Brothers: After, or right around the same time you start planning your wedding, you also begin to plan on the next big purchase: a new home. Thankfully, shows like Property Brothers remind us that buying a home should be a fun adventure and one filled with awesome paint colors and new furniture!

The Fall Behind the Scenes

7. The Fall: Sometimes the best distraction is a little unrelated-to-your-personal-life suspense. Binge-watching The Fall may give you a few nightmares, but you’ll be thankful that they are not wedding related for once. Plus, when your adorable fiancé is sound asleep drooling a little, who doesn’t love a little Mr. Grey eye candy?


8. Gilmore Girls: Admit it. You’ve already memorized most episodes, and you’re totally team Jess — which leaves the Logan and Dean seasons as the perfect background entertainment while you’re working on addressing your save the dates, or composing a few thank you cards after the bridal shower. Even if you know the storyline, I guarantee you’ve missed a few Lorelei and Rory-isms and you’ll be laughing all over again. (Photo via Buzzfeed)


9. Scandal: This show will suck you in… if it hasn’t already, of course. Scandal is so great for so many reasons, and it’s a show your fiancé will totally dig too. The characters are smart with flaws and layers, the plot never becomes stale and everyone is incredibly good-looking. We might just turn an episode on right now. (Photo via ABC)


10. Orange Is the New Black: Stressed out over wedding plans? At least you’re not in jail with an ex, a former meth addict with a vengeance and a corrections officer with the nickname “Pornstache.” Orange is the New Black will make you laugh off the stress and grant you a little perspective the next time you begin to argue over the lobster or the prime rib.


11. Lilyhammer: Alright, so you’re obsessed with Netflix Original Series, and you think you’ve seen them all. The key word here is think. Lilyhammer is their first original series and probably the most underrated. The story is about a mobster who is under a witness protection program in the cold and tiny town of Lillehammer, Norway. If you like both Fargo and the Sopranos, let Lilyhammer whisk you away to a criminal, yet comedic, world.


12. Ace of Cakes: When the Food Network show Ace of Cakes was cancelled, we all mourned. Thankfully, you can revisit every sugary moment on Netflix. If you’re looking for some wedding-cake inspiration, then this is your show. Just don’t be surprised if you end up demanding a Hogwarts cake. (Photo via Charm City Cakes)


13. The Killing: If you happened to miss the first 3 seasons of The Killing on AMC, you can now catch the whole series on Netflix. It will give you a wonderful break from all of the pink, green and gold the wedding planning process has thrown your way. Get ready to be immersed in a rainy Seattle cityscape full of seedy politicians, detectives and criminals.

What shows do you plan to binge watch on Netflix this week? Let us know in the comments below!