There comes a moment in every woman鈥檚 life when she realizes she鈥檚 starting to look more and more like her mom (Demi and Rumer, we鈥檙e looking at you). When that time comes you can greet it two ways: with a giant glass of alcohol (looks like you weren鈥檛 able to avoid those crow鈥檚 feet after all) or with a sense of humor. One 25-year-old woman decided to go with the latter.

mom daughter twins

Reddit user Shaylybri has been gaining some Internet fame after she shared this photo of her and her mom looking identical at age 25. DNA is a weird and magical thing, people. Aside from their super similar smiles, eyes and noses (okay, their faces are exactly the same) we can鈥檛 help but notice just how much the fashion hasn鈥檛 changed in a quarter century. Sure, the daughter鈥檚 hair is a little tamer and her glasses are slightly more angular, but if this isn鈥檛 proof that everything old is new again, we鈥檙e not sure what is.

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(Photos via shaylybri/Reddit)