Mother’s Day is right around the corner and it’s time to start brainstorming all sorts of creative gift ideas for mom! While we love the timeless classics like flowers, chocolate, and jewelry, it’s time for a more modern spin.

Here are 10 new takes on Mother’s Day classics, perfect for modern moms.

1. Flowers: Sending Mom just one bouquet of flowers is so last year. How about giving her A Year of Live Flowering Plants ($500)? We know it might be a lot to spend so we recommend splitting this one with your siblings!

2. Chocolate: Though we love us a box of Godiva truffles, take this Mother’s Day to show your mom some home-cooked love. Our Chocolate Raspberry Panna Cotta Cups are just the thing.

3. Breakfast in Bed: While we love the idea of breakfast in bed, take it up a notch by pairing breakfast with a Ceramic Teapot and Cup Set ($70) that your mom can use long after Mother’s Day. And while you’re at it, buy her a Wooden Breakfast Tray ($35) to match!

4. A New Scarf: Oh, the omnipresent scarf. Who doesn’t love a scarf as a gift for just about any occasion? This May 12th, give your mom a different type of scarf gift. Give her our Dyed Scarf Brit Kit ($25) and create your own custom scarf together!

5. Chic Earrings: Forgo that pair of earrings you saw at Anthropologie for over $300. Moms would rather you make something handmade and from the heart than spending frivolously on a random object. Check out our tutorials on Tassel Earrings, Button Earrings, and Hex Nut Earrings for ideas.

6. Scented Bath Salts: Mother’s Day is all about relaxation. We love this DIY Bath Salts Kit ($40) for a different take on the spa treatment. Pair it with this gorgeous Bath Caddy ($50) and your mom will thank you for years to come.

7. Potted Plant: Forget getting mom yet another potted fern, why not opt for creating a more unique piece of greenery? Our Hanging Succulent Planter is a great move. You could even ship it (with lots of bubble wrap or crinkle paper)!

8. Personalized Necklace: Sure, another monogram necklace with her initials or the word “MOM” is an okay gift, but how about making her something even more unique? Follow our simple tutorial on creating Wire Word Necklaces and you can even make yourself one to match!

9. Scented Candles: Even though we do have a weakness for the holiday scents, we think it’s time to say no to Yankee Candle. Instead, go for a hand-poured candle from Sydney Hale‘s shop on Etsy. We particularly love the Magnolia & Rosewood ($28) variety.

10. Mom Tattoo: Instead of getting a Mom tattoo, why not get your madre a Cozy Coffee Cozy ($15)?

What are your go-to gifts for Mom’s Day? Any shops you particularly love? Tell us in the comments below.