With the Internet as one of the primary means of connecting people, this is the age of online dating. We’ve seen all iterations of dating sites and apps like Tinder and Bumble spring up to help lonely hearts find love, and some even promise to connect users on a more, ahem, unique level. (Oscar Meyer’s dating app Sizzl matches you with other bacon lovers). Now there’s a Disney dating site, and we’ve officially seen everything.


MouseMingle is a dating site that was made exclusively for Disney lovers to find a (Disney) lover ;) “Niche dating sites are more common these days,” founder Dave Tavres, fellow Disney fan, told LA Mag, “The first time I saw Farmers Only I thought it was a Saturday Night Live sketch.” In case you haven’t heard, Farmers Only is a dating site for farmers… only.

MouseMingle works pretty simply. First of all, you rank your overall “Disney nerd level,” name your fave Disney songs, rank your Disney shopping habits (that’s a thing I guess?) and hope that the site’s algorithm will bring you your one true love. A cool feature on the site is when you’re “mousing” around, your cursor actually turns into Mickey’s glove. Adorable. You can browse the site for free, but if you happen to find someone you reeeeeallly like, you have to pay $12.55 to contact them. A cool bit of Disney trivia: That “55” is for 1955, the year the park opened.


Because in some ways, life can be a Disney movie. Here’s to happily ever afters!

Will you be trying out MouseMingle.com? If so, share your experience with us in the comments below!

(Photos via Disney)