Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is down for bacon all the time! For carnivores everywhere, a new app just launched that matches bacon-lovers together based on their bacon preferences. Though this isn’t the first bacon app (there’s one that makes waking up awesome), it is the first to have a romantic element. It’s called Sizzl, and it’s the brainchild of the folks at Oscar Mayer who appear to have a way with technology as well as b-o-l-o-g-n-a. This free app is meant to be a cheeky advertising stunt, but people who take bacon seriously may just have found the path to true love.


The app measures your level of pork compatibility by asking you to identify what kind of bacon you like. Are you a crispy girl or a burnt type? This is important to know, because a chewy bacon lover would probably not get along with a crunchy bacon lover. Imagine the disagreements that would happen during breakfast!

Once you make a match, you can chat with your fellow like-minded bacon addict and set up a date. As silly as this app is meant to be, the makers may have a good point. Studies have shown that women do feel more amorous when well fed, so setting up dates on the premise of mutual food love could be a step toward a lasting commitment.

Heck, they could wear these cool bacon accessories on their first date.

Check out the video below.

Would you use this app? Tell us in the comments! Also, if using this app leads you to have a bacon-themed wedding, you owe us an invite!