Who says your workspace needs to be missing out when it comes to high fashion? It’s no secret that we’re addicted to styling and restyling our desks with polka dots, neon Sharpies, and the like. If you use a desktop computer (at the office or at your home), it’s time to turn your attention to one of those pesky desktop essentials that tends to get overlooked: the mousepad. Here are 23 chic options you can buy and DIY. Laptop users might even start wishing they had a mouse again! ;)

1. Diamond Mousepad: Shine bright like a diamond! This DIY number is a clever way to bejewel your desk without busting out your old bedazzler. We love the idea of creating coasters that complement the mousepad. (via Dawanda DIY)

2. Chic Black and Gold: Go simple and chic with a layer of black paint and glitter. Mod Podge the whole thing to seal the deal. (via Brit + Co.)

3. Forest Fables Mousepad ($8): Doesn’t this mousepad make you think of faraway lands and forest creatures? We love the bright colors set against a dark sky.

4. White and Gold Leaf Mousepad: This might be our favorite of the bunch. The gold leafed edges add a certain sense of otherworldliness while the white and gold pattern on top looks straight out of Anthropologie. (via The Vault Files)

5. Lime Green Mousepad ($9): Oh Poppin, how we love your bright colors and funky shapes. This would be a great way to add a pop of color to a minimal desk look.

6. Washi Stripes: Washi strikes again! To make sure your mouse doesn’t get all caught up in the washi, seal with a layer of Mod Podge. (via Brit + Co.)

7. Watercolor Triangles Mousepad ($12): We dig the sort of wonky triangle print seen above. We wonder if you could DIY with a little bit of washed out acrylic paint.

8. Mustache Mousepad ($15): Mustaches seem to be here to stay, at least for the time being. And, since your mousepad can be a total gentleman, why not give it an outfit to match?

9. Leather Woodgrain Mousepad ($40): Leather and woodgrain? Oh, and a graph paper pattern, neon triangles, and pink border? We just died and went to workspace style heaven. That’s totally a place.

10. Quirky Triangles: Who says you need rulers or a stencil to get geometric with it? The quirkier the triangles the better with this homespun cork mousepad. (via The Painted Arrow)

11. Board Game Mousepad Calendar ($16): Perhaps you want a little two-in-one action? Or twelve-in-one? This calendar doubles as a mousepad, giving you a refreshing new board game-inspired look every month.

12. Suede and Gold Leaf: Another DIY that looks like something you’d buy, this suede mousepad is dotted with gold leaf details. (via Lovely Indeed)

13. 5 Days A Week Paper Mousepad ($10): For our second notepad-meets-mousepad combo, this pad’ll contain all your to-dos for the work week, and will give you a sense of accomplishment at the end of each week – assuming you’re as productive as we think you are ;)

14. Felt Desk Pad ($53): How about an entire desk pad? The mouse works everywhere, and your business cards and notes fit nicely in the leather strap on the left. Plus, it’s also like a giant coaster. Win.

15. Neon Red Mousepad ($35): Currently sold out, we’re hoping that Freshly Picked will serve up a new batch of brilliantly hued mouse pads in the near future.

16. Venn Diagram Mousepad: Though this DIYer doesn’t actually mention a Venn diagram in her tutorial, doesn’t this make you think of one? It was made using a piece of corkboard hand cut and painted. (via What Else Michelle)

17. Fabric Mousepad Hack: This 99-cent hack requires nothing but a mousepad, fabric, and spray adhesive. Ten points for ease and affordability. (via High Street Market)

18. Bowtie Cat ($15): Okay, we had to include this due to sheer randomness. It’s a cat, wearing a bow tie, and the corner of the picture says “You Know.” We do know, or at least we think we do.

19. Ghost Mousepad ($7): Boo! A little Halloween spirit is most welcome on your desk, especially in the fall. We love the funny little teeth.

20. Geometric Mousepad ($18): This pattern is so awesome that we kind of want to wear it, hang it on our wall, turn it into a table cloth, and more. But, we’ll settle with a mousepad for now ;)

21. Colorful Paint and Glitter: The one in the top right corner is sitting on my desk as I write this! In fact, it inspired a whole polka dot theme to my entire workspace. Each mousepad was made using paint, glitter, and Mod Podge. (via Brit + Co.)

22. Moon Mousepad ($19): Aren’t you glad this isn’t the other kind of moon? Love the idea of creating a whole night sky motif at the office.

23. Bright Blue Yoga Mat: And last, a little repurposing action! We power-washed a worn out yoga mat and turned it into 20 things, one of which was this comfy yoga mousepad. (via Brit + Co.)

Do you use a mouse and mousepad at the office? At home? Or are you all about the laptop and trackpad? Talk to us in the comments below.