We look to girlbosses for career advice all the time and while the leading ladies are typically 20+, there’s a new gal in town who is taking entrepreneurship by storm.


Noa Mintz, the 15-year-old founder of full-service child care agency Nannies by Noa is redefining the ideas of female CEOs worldwide. Inspired by her mother’s struggle to find her the perfect babysitter at the ripe age of 12 (yes, you read that right), Noa set out to change the nanny service industry for more people than just herself. Currently serving families in New York City and the Hamptons, Nannies by Noa is a one-stop destination for reliable, engaging and educated child care providers. Every babysitter/nanny is screened and vetted whether they are part-time, full-time, temp or just occasional nannies. This young lady is the real deal.


After word of mouth spread for her nanny service over the past three years and clients continued to pile up — according to the New York Post, the agency currently serves nearly 200 customers — Noa realized she needed to hire a CEO to handle day-to-day business. She does still have high school and stuff to worry about after all. Since hiring 26-year-old Allison Johnson, Nannies by Noa has impressively tripled its business.

We all know that supply = demand, but we didn’t do too much with the concept while we were still in middle school, so we’re keeping our eye on this teenage girlboss and her budding business savvy. We’re curious as to when they’ll expand nationwide — and what about an app, ladies? Maybe they should do lunch with our girls over at Tampon Run, Sophie and Andy.

Are you in NYC and signing up for Nannies by Noa currently? Let us know in the comments.

(Photo via @nannies_by_noa)