It鈥檚 always fun to walk into a salon and do something drastic with your hair color, like going peach 脿 la Lady Gaga or going Rihanna聽blue. The downsides of switching things up are that bleaching is damaging to your locks 鈥 which means you can only commit to one look at a time. Now one woman is changing the temporary color game with dyes that aren鈥檛, well, dyes at all!

Instagrammer NaturallyTash started out using store-bought hair chalks and eye shadows to color her tresses before she switched to recipes of her own creation two years ago.

She told Allure, 鈥淗air shadows are better than actually dyeing your hair because they鈥檙e no commitment and they cause zero harm to your hair. They are a fun way to play with many hair colors temporarily 鈥 without any worry of damage. Also, they鈥檙e a great way to test out a hair color before taking the plunge of actually dyeing your hair.鈥

Natasha makes her shadows using pure pigments and a cream base, sort of like cream eye shadows. But as of right now, she鈥檚 not sharing the specifics because she鈥檚 planning her own product line! According to the Instagrammer, you can purchase the shadows in about four to six months. Ooh, we can鈥檛 wait!

The colors wash out with one shampoo, so you鈥檇 be fine wearing more than one different color per week like Natasha does. No need to worry about frying your hair with harsh chemicals, and you can still enjoy bold and beautiful locks.

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(h/t Allure; photos via naturallytash/Instagram)