It’s National Snacking Month which is a true cause for celebration. We are officially entitled to feast on our favorite little bites for the duration of the month and we’re not sad about it at all. Happily indulging in miniature everything, we’ve gone into full-on snacking mode. That means we fill our plates with snacks on snacks on snacks. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are not immune. After all, a full plate is a full plate, right? So today, in honor of this applause-worthy month, we’re working with Triscuit to make three recipes inspired by classic dishes. All you need to do is add three simple ingredients to these delicious crackers to make elevated, flavor-filled bites. Put your snacking gloves on and let’s get making!


Triscuit + Almond Butter + Banana + Honey


One of our go-to breakfast foods is toast. And Triscuit crackers just happen to resemble a mini piece of toast. With that in mind, we’ve got a snackable version of “toast” that you might adopt as your new morning meal.


Butter your Triscuit with a small dollop of almond butter, add a round of banana and then drizzle honey on top.


Time to eat.


With Triscuit crackers, the topping options are endless. Get creative and make your favorite combination.


In addition to your “toast,” add other common munchies like fruit, yogurt and trail mix. A small handful of trail mix on top of a snack-size portion of yogurt is a great way to combine these two go-to mid-day nibbles. Nearly the same as a parfait but more snackworthy, in our opinion.


Triscuit + Prosciutto + Drunken Goat Cheese + Tomato


As lunch rolls around, make yourself a mini open-faced “sandwich” on a Triscuit cracker.


Tear your prosciutto into strips that fit your cracker. Then add a slice of cheese and a tomato round.


If you haven’t had drunken goat cheese before, get ready to fall for this hard cheese. You might never go back to cheddar.


In addition to the Triscuit snack, an oh-so-snackable veggie platter turns gourmet for our lunch.


We’ve got rainbow carrots, radishes, edamame, colorful bell peppers and lemon hummus.


Grab your lunch buddies and snack your way through lunch hour.


Triscuit + Seared Ahi + Green Onions + Mustard Soy Sauce


The day is over and it’s time for dinner and a movie. Have your gals over for a relaxing dinner on the couch and fill your plates with sample size courses.


This drool-worthy Triscuit has a piece of seared ahi, some chopped green onions and a drop of sauce. To make the sauce, mix dijon mustard with soy sauce, a splash of balsamic vinegar and maybe even some honey and/or wasabi if you need a sweet or spicy kick. Where you take it is entirely up to you!


Pair your Triscuit crackers (part of a greater tapas-style meal) with deviled eggs and dessert. Chocolate-dipped donut holes are the perfect morsels for your last bite of the day.


Throw on a movie and enjoy some QT with the ladies.


Snag some Triscuit crackers and add three toppings of your choice to create breakfast, lunch and dinner bites for National Snacking month. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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This post is a collaboration with Triscuit.

Food Production and Styling: Roxy Taghavian and Anita Yung

Photography: Chris Andre