Perusing Instagram for hair inspo and discovering nothing but blowout after blowout in your feed can be a bit of a yawn-fest when you’ve got #curlyhairgoals. Natural-hair divas, we see ya and we’re here for you! Whether you’re just looking for tips and tricks on how to maintain curly hair, searching for the right natural hair brands or on the hunt for next-level ‘do ideas for your upcoming GNO, these lovely ladies of Instagram have what you need. Keep calm and scroll on for 14 fabulous Insta influencers who embrace the beauty of natural hairstyles.

1. Natural Hair Daily: Elle and Neecie, Owners of The NHD Boutique (that abbreviation stands for Natural Hair Daily, btw), have made their Insta a shrine to braids, ‘fros, twists, knots, curls and endless delightful ‘dos to inspire fly girls of all ages. Shop their line of amazing apparel through their other handle, @nhdboutique.

2. African Creature: What can’t the legendary Susy do? Owner of Hairbysusy Corp with her own salon, book and YouTube Channel, Susy’s Instagram shows off her stunning and ever-evolving hair shades (look out for violet and emerald green!), with hair secrets hidden in the captions.

3. Chescaleigh: “Constantly going over heads & stepping on toes.” Meet the witty powerhouse that is Franchesca, a writer-actor-vlogger with an Insta full of empowering pep talks and sharp coifs — especially this look, which is everything.

4. Urban Bush Babes: Founded by Cipriana Quann and Nikisha Brunson, this online publication is devoted to lifestyle, fashion, beauty, health and culture. Much like the pub, their Insta offers beauty secrets, like tips on cleansing grains for your face, along with down-to-earth ‘do inspo for days.

5. NaturalRootSista: Dare to be bold (and be yourself!) with these super cute regrams. If your hair is popping, expect to see it featured here with a “love it sissy” caption included.

6. LynnKatee: NYC-based blogger and all around cutie LynnKatee is not only a great resource for curly girls everywhere, but she also gives major OOTD inspo courtesy of her killer boho-meets-glam wardrobe and a makeup routine that is #flawless. Scroll through her feed if you are looking for Insta-approved makeup and hair products.

7. NikishaBrunson: Part of the Urban Bush Babes collective, Nikisha owns Folie Apothecary, full of 100% natural skin/hair care products. In under half an hour, we promise you’ll have hearted her queenin’ world full of wellness and natural goodness tips.

8. Afrobella: Born in Trinidad and living in Chicago, Afrobella (aka Patrice Grell Yursik) describes herself as “the Godmother of brown beauty blogging.” Her blog and Insta celebrate the inner and outer beauty of women of all shades, sizes and natural hair textures. Speaking of hair, this pic was snapped on a HIKE. Teach us your stunning selfie ways, girl!

9. Askproy: Beauty and natural hair host pRoy’s Insta is pure black girl magic, filled with stunning pics of travel, quotes, “curlfriends” and locks in vibrant purple hues. Make this feed a must-visit if you’re looking for amazing hair scarf action.

10. Brosiaaa: A salt and pepper ‘fro??? Only the stunning jewelry designer Ambrosia Malbrough could slay this look — and many more — on her Insta. Just look at how she pulls off a casual glasses-and-robe combo! Slay, mama, slay!

11. Unearthedamber: Yas, Amber, yas! Filled to the brim with all styles of natural hair and good vibrations, this vlogger’s Instagram is the real deal. Her top knot game is beyond stunning, not to mention the girl can seriously rock a pink lip.

12. Shinestruck: With a blog named “Shinestruck” dedicated to natural hair and beauty, Priscilla is a total bae inside and out, with sage words of wisdom to boot. Exhibit A: this recent poolside pic, captioned “I care about things like how you treat people, your views about the universe, if you honor your word and if you like pizza.”

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13. Heyfranhey: This selfie is the second coming of Lisa Bonet, I swear. Blogger Francheska Medina describes herself as “The Bohemian Storm” in her bio, with an Insta loaded with boho chic natural hair looks and wellness vids on everything from making your own scent from scratch to the calming benefits of passion flower herbal extract.

14. Bwatuwant: Best. Insta. Handle. Ever. Endless curly encouragement can be found on model and InstaBlogger Brit Watkins’ account, along with a kickin’ bio. Brb, we’re putting “God bless the tress” on a T-shirt.

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