If you’re having a tough monthweek day, just breathe and take solace in the fact that after every day, you are one day closer to watching Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival. (For those keeping tabs: It premieres on November 25, AKA next Friday.)

Netflix put together a study that will make you want to call your mom. Apparently 53 percent of women surveyed wish they spoke to their mom more (we can only assume that the remaining 47 percent are already talking to their mother every minute of every day). And Netflix wants you to strengthen the mother-daughter relationship by watching a show together.

According to Netflix’s survey, 59 percent of women agree that the best part of watching a show with your mom is talking about it afterwards, and 41 percent of those surveyed said that watching TV together can bring you closer together.

If you’re inspired to schedule a night with your mom, Netflix has even made GIFs to send to her as an invite, inspired by the different relationships in the show. (Seriously, you have no excuses.)

For the 39 percent of mothers and daughters who are BFFs like Rory and Lorelai, bring coffee — lots of coffee! — and popcorn.

For the 31 percent of mothers and daughters who are polar opposites, see more of yourselves in Lane and Mrs. Kim.

And for the 30 percent of mothers and daughters who know that things can get complicated, but just love each other so much, Lorelai and Emily have got you covered.

Call up your mom and schedule a date to loaf around the day after Thanksgiving and watch the Gilmore Girls premiere.

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(Featured photo via Netflix)