Are you still holding on to your New Year’s resolutions? We won’t judge. But we do think you should make creativity a priority. No excuses! ;) If you need a pal to keep you accountable or to do fun projects with, we got you. If you’re not sure how to haul yourself out of the post-holiday slump, we got you there too. Any other objections? No? Great! Then feast your eyes on our new and popular online courses.



1. Bounce Lettering Basics Online Class: Tombow’s Brittany Luiz will teach you how to use Tombow brush pens to draw script and block alphabets, use the right strokes and pressure to make those bold downstrokes and thin upstrokes, and use pretty blending techniques to give your designs a certain je ne sais quoi. At the end, you’ll even have two hand-lettered greeting cards you can send out. Or show off on Instagram. Your choice.


2. Intro to Ink Illustration Online Class: Lauren Hom, a nomadic designer and letter, will teach you how to start a visual journal complete with gorgeous drawings of everyday objects. You’ll learn basic techniques, how to create dynamic layouts, and how to add lettering to your designs. Your diary will thank you.


3. Intro to DSLR Photography Online Class: Jenna Kutcher, a photographer, blogger, artist (and more!), who has shot over 100 weddings and been named the top Wisconsin wedding photographer two years in a row, is here to teach you the ins and outs of your fancy new DSLR camera. You’ll learn how to use various camera settings (and when), how to shoot in different types of lighting and how to set up for an in-house photo shoot. When you’re done, you’ll have some gorgeous shots to pepper your friends’ Insta feeds with, and who knows? Maybe you’ll even get a contract or two out of it.


4. Fashion Illustration Online Class: Anum Tariq, a San Francisco-based fashion illustrator, is here to teach you how to get those gorgeous designs that are floating around in your head down on paper. You’ll learn how to draw stylistic poses, translate 3D fabrics and patterns to 2D pen-and-paper renderings and create art pieces inspired by current trends. The designs you’ll have at the end would be perfect to give as gifts, post to Instagram or even put in your fashion designer portfolio! The possibilities are endless.


5. Intro to Adobe Photoshop Online Class: Graphic designer Teela Cunningham is here to show you how to turn your photos and graphics into stunning finished pieces. You’ll learn how to use different editing tools, create fun Polaroid-style layouts, and use vector elements to snazz up your images. Your new skills can be used to give your social media accounts some oomph, spice up your blog or even create calendars and greeting cards.

As always, our online classes are yours forever once you buy! So kick back and learn something when you have a little free time. You could even host a crafting party — anything to get you creating.

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