Whether you get your Scrabble fix the old-fashioned way #tilestyle or online, the game is about to change. And the power is in your hands! It has been years since Scrabble updated their dictionary and they’re turning to you to decide what words should join the party. Hey, “selfie” and “twerk” have a home in the Oxford Dictionaries — why not Scrabble’s?

Fans can submit suggested additions for the Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online Official Scrabble Players Dictionary through gamemaker Hasbro’s Facebook page now through March 28. It’s kind of a big deal since it’s the first time it will be revamped in nine years! Sidenote: Is BFD fair play? Probably not…

There’s already some campaigning happening for shorter, oft-challenged words like“ew” and “zen.” It’s Facebook after all so folks want to see more modern terms like “photobomb” and “zumba” become a part of their future play. The tough part will be picking words that utilize those pesky letters you always seem to get stuck in your rack and are a part of our daily discourse. Hmm, “queso,” anyone?

What words do YOU always wish you could play in Scrabble? Share ‘em below!