12 Scrabble-Inspired Products for the Word Nerd
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12 Scrabble-Inspired Products for the Word Nerd

Do we need to spell it out for you? Scrabble’s pretty much awesome in our book: what else are all those SAT words for? If you’re a word nerd like us, you’re going to love these 12 products that embrace the letterific game.
1. Macbook Decal ($10): The analog nerdiness of Scrabble meets the tech geekiness of Apple and we swoon.
2. “NAP” Pillows ($39): A tough game of Scrabble can really tire a wordsmith out. These three pillows are a cute and quirky way to get in your zzz’s. 
3. Mugs ($9): Power up for a marathon Scrabble sesh with some java out of one of these letter-adorned mugs.
4. Coasters ($22): Looking for a place to set that mug down? How about on a triple letter score!?
5. Magnets ($14): Like alphabet magnets, but way more adorable. 
6. Ring ($5): Wear your love of the game on your finger with this fun ring.
7. “Love You” Art ($73): If you want to tell that special someone how you feel, why don’t you spell it out for them with this sweet piece of art?
8. Pencils ($10): Keep score in style with this pretty pencil set.
9. Tea Towel ($15): This funky tea towel will help you clean up after a dirty game of Scrabble.
10. Sign ($25): We’re totally loving the vintage feel of these home decor signs.
11. Costume ($55): Whether you’re planning ahead for Halloween or just going to a really crazy theme party, this Scrabble costume is pretty hilarious and worth wearing.
12. Typography Edition ($199): If you’re into, well, actually playing Scrabble, this edition embraces the beauty of typography and will make your wordy battles a little prettier. 
Bonus: Giant Scrabble Game ($12,000): If you’re really looking to make an investment in your Scrabble obsession, you can drop more than 10 grand on this giant, wall-mounted version of the game. We’re betting we can come up with a DIY hack for this one!

Which of these Scrabble-inspired products is calling your name? Do you want to try a DIY for the giant game (be sure to send us a pic if you do)? Let us know in the comments below or over on Twitter.