Nicki Minaj has never been one to blend in. One glance at her cotton candy-colored wigs and rainbow-colored makeup could tell you that. So when the time came for the Nicki to say “yes” to her bf Meek Mill, you can bet she sealed the deal with some seriously over-the-top bling.

Nicki first teased followers yesterday by posting a diamond ring emoji with an elusive note that read, “I’ll post it later.” Sure enough, shortly after the tweet, the Truffle Butter rapper took to Instagram to share her rock. Similar to Lady Gaga’s engagement ring, Nicki’s is heart shaped and massive. But unlike her fellow pop star, her version offers up a two-toned look with a brilliant cut diamond mounted in platinum with white pavé diamonds.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 10.34.11 AM

While the ring’s specs haven’t been officially confirmed by the couple, E! News reports it’s most likely 15-carats and would retail for a whopping $500,000. We’ll give you a minute to take that in. If you’re in love with Nicki Minaj’s dual-toned stunner but don’t have that kind of cash to shell out (because who really does?), here are five options that offer up the same pop of color without that epic price tag.


1. Sapphire Fancy Halo Diamond Ring ($3,000): Swap out Nicki’s heart-shape for a classic oval look but keep the color combo and halo effect with this option.


2. Peach Champagne Sapphire Engagement Ring ($2,750): For a dual-toned ring that isn’t too loud, try this peach-champagne sapphire ring that’s wrapped in diamonds and a trendy rose gold setting.


3. Emerald Tiara Ring ($5,500): For those of you who want to totally forget about the idea of a basic diamond ring, opt for this Victorian-inspired number. Not only is the shape super unique, but it will definitely also stand out with that bold pop of green.


4. Ruby Ring ($8,250): That pale pink wasn’t quite vibrant enough for you? Spare no subtly by rocking this ultra-girly rock. But move fast: this pretty little thing is a one of a kind, Edwardian relic.


5. Opal and Diamond Ring ($1,064): If you just can’t settle on one pop of color, opt for this antique looking opal ring which can look super classic in one light and then give off a whole array of colors in another.

Do you have a two-toned engagement ring? Share a picture of it in the comments below.

(Photos via @nickiminaj, Featured Photo via Jason Merritt/Getty)