Getting dressed in the AM can be a real struggle (ahem, unless you’re currently trying out a capsule wardrobe). Lucky for most of us, we only really have to do it once a day. However, for Hollywood celebrities, multiple wardrobe changes can easily become a part of their daily routine, and it can get exhausting. That’s is exactly why Vampire DiariesNina Dobrev recently teamed up with the game Covet Fashion to hopefully get some help from you.

nina dobrev interview

If you’re not yet familiar, Covet is a fashion gaming app – think of it as a grown-up and virtual version of the paper dolls you loved as a kid. In the game, you’ll select an avatar or pick from one of the celebrity guest stars (like Nina), and dress them up for fun style challenges (like a red carpet premiere or a night out in Miami). What gives Covet a grown-up spin is the fact that all the fashion pieces you see in the app are real, shoppable products from 150 of today’s top brands. See a fun pair of sandals while you’re dressing up Nina’s avatar for a beach getaway? You can buy them for your own upcoming vacay. We recently caught up with Nina to find out more about this fun collaboration and got the scoop on what her IRL fashion, beauty and creativity routine includes.

On her must-have wardrobe staples… Speaking of Nina’s personal wardrobe, she filled us in on the two pieces that she cannot stop wearing: her leather jacket and black booties. Why? Because they’re both super easy to switch from day-to-night. “If I have a fun dress on and at night I want to go out, I’ll just put a leather jacket on top of it. Booties are also a major go-to for me. I wear a lot of booties. Those can go from day-to-night as well. With my schedule, I’m running around all day every day, so it’s nice to be able to have things that can be interchangeable when the sun is up and when the sun is down.”

On her favorite creative outlet… “My latest obsession and creative outlet has been cooking. I feel like every dish that I make is different and challenging in a new way. It has nothing to do with the industry I’m in or work, so it’s a great way to get away from that and still be creative because it doesn’t feel like a job.” Any recipes she’s famous for? Not quite, but she does have a cookbook she swears by. Nina says, “Chrissy Teigen just came out with a cookbook [Cravings] and I bought it and have made all of her recipes and love all of her stuff.”

On her go-to beauty product… “I like to keep it natural. I don’t do too much in my day-to-day maybe because I wear so much when I’m filming. They really pile it on. But I think the way to stay beautiful is to have clean skin and take care of what nature gave you,” Nina tells us. Her go-to brand? Kate Somerville. “They have an amazing nourishing moisturizer. I really like it because when you click the top of it, it dispenses the exact right amount that you’re supposed to use. Between that and their sunblock, those are my major go-to, can’t live withouts.”

On her favorite way to unwind… Turns out Nina’s favorite pastime is the same as yours. After a long day at work, she says she mainly “Netflix and Chills.” She goes on to add, “But now I cook, Netflix and chill or I like to do yoga. When you’re doing something hard and strenuous and good for your body, you have to focus on that particular moment because it’s so challenging. You can’t think about anything else or have your mind racing. When I’m in a yoga class and in a really hard position and sweating like crazy I get to have a mental break.”

On her Covet Fashion collab… Nina tells us she’s pumped to be able to offer a new way for fans to interact with her directly via Covet’s style challenges. “Depending on what I’m doing in my life, I’ll bring it up via [Covet] style challenges where people have the option to dress me and submit it, depending on what it is. For example, right now I’m filming a movie in Toronto. Or maybe I’m going to different events or on a beach vacation with girlfriends. It might be an outfit I’d actually wear, or they could just do it for fun.”

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