So by now, you’ve probably heard that Pepsi screwed up big time with their new ad that commodified protest, starring Kendall Jenner. The tone-deaf ad has some people seriously angry. The company already pulled it, but many — including celebs — are still throwing shade.

Not to be outdone though, Nivea has just released their own uncomfortably tactless (and racist) ad. The ad showed a woman facing a window with a can of deodorant sitting next to her.

The text over the image read “White Is Purity,” and was accompanied by the words “Keep it clean, keep bright. Don’t let anything ruin it, #Invisible.” Um. How did this get approved?

People were quick to sound off on Twitter about the blatant racism in the ad, comparing it not only to Pepsi’s tone-deaf ad but one of Nivea’s own controversial ads from 2011, which showed a black man throwing a mannequin head with an Afro, with the slogan to “re-civilize yourself.”

The company has since apologized for the “White Is Purity” ad, stating that the company “values diversity and tolerance,” and pulled it down. However, not before it drew the ire of netizens lambasting the company for promoting racist rhetoric. And conversely, the slogan has been applauded by white supremacists. Yikes.

Ad agencies have some work to do.

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(h/t BuzzFeed, photo via Joern Pollex/Getty)