The controversy over Kendall Jenner鈥檚 Pepsi ad continues to rage, and John Cena reveals the meaning behind Nikki Bella鈥檚 engagement ring in this morning鈥檚 top news stories. Check those and more out below!


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1. Pepsi has already pulled its controversial聽ad starring Kendall Jenner, but the damage is done.Social media continues to rage, including, digs by celebs like Madonna, seen above, as well as Judd Apatow, Russell Brand, Lena Dunham, and more. Jenner has deleted her tweets about the ad, but otherwise stayed silent so far.

2. John Cena revealed that he designed the engagement ring he presented Nikki Bella. We already knew this thing was a stunner, but now we鈥檝e learned that Cena designed it himself 鈥 and he had some pretty sappy stuff in mind when he did! 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 just walk into a place and say, 鈥楶lease just give me a ring.鈥 I鈥檝e been thinking about this for a long time鈥 so I went to the good folks at Tiffany鈥檚 and had them construct a ring,鈥 he said in a YouTube video on the Bella Twins鈥 account. 鈥淭he ring represents our entire relationship up until this point. If you look at the stones on the side, there are four individual stones on each side. One side represents me and one side represents her and the four means the years we鈥檝e been together to come to center point. The center point is a 4.5 carat round brilliant cut Tiffany diamond that represents the four and a half years we took to get right here,鈥 he said. 鈥淎s with everything that we do for each other, there鈥檚 always meaning behind it.鈥 BRB, crying!

3. Blac Chyna isn鈥檛 wearing her engagement ring anymore, so, wait 鈥 WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ROB AND CHYNA? According to ET!, Chyna was seen out with another man and not rocking her ring, despite her and Rob Kardashian appearing decidedly on-again in some very recent Snapchats. Sigh, these two. (Photo via Greg Doherty/Getty)

4. Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen announce they鈥檙e expecting baby number two with this hilariously goofy pic. 鈥淭his is how I told my son babies are made #numbertwo.鈥 Mollen captioned a pic of her and Biggs using a baby snot-sucking device linked from Biggs鈥 nose to Mollen鈥檚 mouth. Cute. Congrats to the growing family!

5. Get your vacation request approved STAT, because this all-pink Airbnb is waiting for you. The Eaton House Studio in Essex has been making the rounds on social media 鈥 probably because it looks like it鈥檚 straight out of a fairy tale. The mansion sleeps 30 people and costs around $2,300 a night, but sleeping in this unicorn鈥檚 dwelling is, truly, priceless. Check out more pics of the decor on the house鈥檚 official Instagram. (Photo via Airbnb)

6.Quote of the day: 鈥淚nsist on yourself. Never imitate.鈥 鈥 Ralph Waldo Emerson

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