City dwellers, you already know that great produce is tough to come by, but what you don’t know is that soon it won’t be. It will be available right next to your couch. No joke. Javier Morillas is a fellow urbanite who used to watch 2,000 trucks, filled with fruits and vegetables and herbs, take off from his hometown of Almerica, Spain every day. The trucks were traveling to disperse their goods up to 1,300 miles away, all across Europe. Which made him wonder… why? Seriously, why?! So he made it his mission to help enable everyone to grow their own food right in their living rooms.

Enter Niwa: the world’s first smartphone-controlled growing system. This in-home incubator of edibles uses sensors to create a mini environment for your plant. There are pre-set conditions that determine the temperature, humidity and light cycles your plant needs depending on what you want to grow. Peppers? There’s a setting for that. Tomatoes? There’s one for that, too. Plus, it has an automated irrigation system, so you don’t have to feed or water your plant. It’s all done for you! It’s basically a garden you can keep in your home (no matter how small!) that ensures a hearty and successful harvest.

If you’re a more experienced farmer, Niwa can cater to your horticulural prowess as well. The new-age greenhouse is responsive, so you can update the settings to your preferences. And since it’s connected to the Internet, you can do it all from your phone. It’s completely redefining how we grow, eat and live. If you’re a big-time believer in the product (we are), visit their Kickstarter and support the cause. Here’s hoping we’ll all be able to watch our tomatoes grow while we watch TV in the very near future.

Do you live in an apartment? What vegetables would you grow first if you had a Niwa? Let us know in the comments below!