Noble Brewer Beer is up to something. They want to get beer into your hands. Not just any beer. Home-brewed, small-batch varieties that you wouldn’t have the opportunity to try otherwise. Forget micro- and nano-brewers — they’re only highlighting home brewers and bringing all of their hard work at home straight to your doorstep.

beer 6

If you want in on Noble Brewer’s service of scouting creative drafts that would impress any aspiring beer aficionado, their memberships start at $48 per year and include four 22-oz bottles of designer brew sent to you quarterly. Why 22 oz? Well, they’re designed to share. So, pop one open for your next get-together, and you’ll have a party incentive that no one could pass up.

The brewery also sends out info cards where you can learn more about your brewer, and the story behind the beer. Still want to learn more? They blog about their brewers too.

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This looks like a job we wouldn’t mind having. Just give us a minute to find a DD, and we’ll be ready to go.

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Between promoting small business owners and helping us get creative with our beverage choices, we’ve found a lot of reasons to get behind the Noble Brewer.

How often do you get to drink home-brewed beer? Let us know in the comments below.