There’s got to be at least one beer lover on your gift list this year. Whether it’s ale or lager, people love their suds…. we mean really love them. So much so that they may even brew the stuff themselves. For the biggest brew-sers on your list, we’ve got 22 brew-tiful gifts they’re sure to raise a glass to.

1. Holiday Freaker ($20): These are the coziest cozies around. Give your giftees something festive to get their sip on.

2. Wood Six Pack Carrier ($42): Make your pal the life of the party, not only by helping them bring a six pack to the shindig, but by bringing a really gorgeous six pack to the shindig. Also included: a bottle opener on the side.

3. Beer Shampoo and Body Soap ($10): Did you know that beer makes your hair bright and shiny? In combination with jojoba oil and hempseed oil this soap/shampoo puts beer to use in totally new ways.

4. Strong Like Bull Magnets ($7): Give the gift of space with super strong magnets to keep beer looking classy. They’ll adhere beers to the top of the fridge rather than taking up shelf space.

5. Bottle Watch ($188): A beer bottle-inspired watch? Beer drankin’ just got classy.

6. Beer Foamer ($30): Danish designers at architecture firm NORM designed this device to give your beer the frothy white head that’s especially sought after in Nordic tradition. It’s battery-powered and totally gorgeous.

7. The Frozen Beer Slushie Maker ($95): How cold do you like your beer? Slushie cold? Perfect. Make a round of beer slushies for your next party with this machine.

8. 99 Bottles Coatrack ($28): We sincerely hope the name of this rack didn’t get the NEVER-ENDING road-trip song stuck in your head. If it did… sorry!

9. Chocolate Milk Stout Beer Brewing Kit ($48): How hardcore are the beer lovers on your list? Give them a bit of a challenge with this kit so they can make it right at home.

10. Beer and Food Book ($19): People get all caught up in wine and food pairings, but they’re really missing out on the perfect beer parings. This book features tons of beer/food matchups and 50 dishes for you to use beer as an ingredient.

11. Beertone Swiss Edition ($29): Pantone, you’ve been dismissed. Give the gift of Beertone with 202 Swiss beer swatches and 48 brewery portraits.

12. Beer, A Genuine Collection of Cans ($20): Maybe they love beer and design. In that case, this book is just the ticket. Side by side, 500 can designs take you through the history of beer.

13. Wagner Bottle Carrier ($56): If your buddies like keeping their brews with them on the go, this is the perfect way to carry it. It’s made from a reclaimed California water hose.

14. Draft Beer Tap Tower ($490): Need just the thing for a beer fanatic with a love of all things cabin-inspired? Welp, we found it.

15. Freeze Cooling Glasses ($30): After two hours in the freezer, this BPA-free, reusable plastic pint glass will keep a beer frosty cold for hours. Your giftee will think of you every time they use it.

16. The uKeg Pressurized Growler ($99): This little guy keeps your beer fresh. And it’s portable. Just unscrew the top, fill up the uKeg with beer and keep it fresh right in your fridge. It’s your own personal tap. With a $99 pledge to this Kickstarter project you can get one of your very own.

17. Rastal Bruegge “Color Glass” Set ($26): The colorful band around these glasses is basically an infographic showing the color spectrum of various brews. Although we feel like there was a missed opportunity to call them “50 Shades of Brew” glasses.

18. United States of Beer Tasting App ($30): Any true beer lover knows that there are great local brews to be found all over the country. Let the beer lover in your life map their faves with this intricate print.

19. Subscription to The Rare Beer Club ($33/month): The best gifts last all year long, and this one does not disappoint. With limited releases and exclusive selections, your beer lover is bound to feel like it’s Christmas 12 more times with new brews each month.

20. Pumpkin Spice Beer Bread ($9): But what does beer do for bread? It gives it a sweet, malty flavor with an extra hint of hop at the end. This bread kit comes with all you need to get baking, just add beer.

21. Set of Four Beiere Glasses ($52): Give the gift of class with these gilded glasses sure to bring some extra elegance to happy hour.

22. Beer Is Best Dish Towel ($14): While they’re drying their pilsners, remind them of the cold hard facts.

Are you going to be gifting any of these to the beer connoisseurs on your list? Let us know in the comments!