We鈥檝e stumbled upon a book that is giving us warm fuzzies times three: With it, you can show some love to your friends, give much needed exposure to lesser-known artists and find something fresh to adorn our walls 鈥 all at the same time. That鈥檚 what makes Share ($60) perfect. See, you get to check out awesome new artists, and the pages are meant to be torn out and shared as posters. The best part 鈥 well, we think the best part 鈥 is that none of these artist have been published before, meaning publishing house New Heroes and Pioneers is just that 鈥 pioneering in its field.

Need to see more before you commit? Every feature in the book is also on Pinterest.

Printed on high-quality poster paper and perforated, so there aren鈥檛 ugly tear marks, the art is a cohesive mix of paintings, drawings and photography. There is something for everyone 鈥 no matter what you and your friends鈥 tastes are.

What鈥檚 next for Share? Share Scandanavia! If you鈥檙e interested in participating, contact New Heroes and Pioneers, which is also where you can get your copy of this gorgeous book.

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