All you need to create a perfect dish are the right proportion of ingredients and a little creativity. But when you find a recipe in your favorite cookbook, on a blog or even on Pinterest, it’s natural to try to recreate the exact photo. Well, we double dog dare you to attempt what Berlin photographer Nora Luther is cooking up — floating recipes.

Not only do these recipes give new meaning to the phrase “throwing a meal together,” but they might make you feel like you have a little more creative freedom when it comes to presentation. And anyway, doesn’t everyone want to see photos of ingredients dancing gleefully in mid-air?

We could not even imagine trying to make these photos ourselves. Hello, kitchen disaster. That’s why we’re loving that Nora Luther did it all for us. They’re inspiring us to think a little more creatively with our next food fight ;)

Is this not the most graceful snap of prosciutto you’ve ever seen?!

These hunger-inducing photos are worthy of occupying an entire wall in your kitchen.

And they can! The recipes also come as cards printed in German with the beautiful images on one side and the recipe on the other. But even if you don’t know your schnitzel from your eintopf, we think these recipe cards would be worthy of some space on your wall or fridge.

What do you think of Nora Luther’s Recipe concept? Speak to us in the comments below!

(h/t The Fox is Black)