Just when we thought online shopping couldn’t get any easier, two stellar retailers are taking impulse buying to a whole new level. Nordstrom and Target just announced they’re offering dangerously easy shopping, straight from your Instagram feed. The high-end department store and big box retailer have partnered with an innovative platform called Like2Buy to let you purchase what you love the moment you see it posted on Instagram.

We showed you how IKEA hacked Instagram to reveal their latest catalog, but the downside to that was that ‘grammers couldn’t purchase anything from the platform. Like2Buy fixes that by offering a way to purchase straight from your Instagram feed. If you like what you see, click it and you’ll be redirected to an online cart to complete the purchase. If you’re not ready to purchase right away, keep it in a gallery called “My Likes” and it will be saved for later.

For the retailers, this is a massive breakthrough. Both companies have huge social media followings and harnessing that for purchases will prove powerful. For Instagram, it means some major staying power. Long after people get tired of using the platform to get nail art inspiration or check out bizarre art, they’ll be returning to their feeds to shop.

To start your Insta-shopping experience, follow Nordstrom and Target on Instagram or find their desktop social shopping experiences here and here. The incredible interface is the result of a partnership with visual marketing firm Curalate, so we have high hopes more retailers will get on board with the idea soon, because we haven’t been this excited about online shopping since Spring put a customizable mall on our phones!

What’s your favorite online shopping innovation? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

(h/t CNBC)