Today’s edition of What’s App-ening is all about you. We’re pampering Y-O-U a little bit today with a new app that lets you try on any color of eyeshadow, an app that lets you document your day in the coolest, high-tech way and another that lets you shop like a champ straight from your smartphone. Oh, and another that will help you find your next great meal. It’s time to get downloading and start upgrading!

1. Spring: We’ve heard of “like Instagram for shopping” before in the wide world of app elevator pitches, so let me throw a new one your way: Spring is like a virtual, completely customizable shopping mall on your phone. #WhatUpSuburbs?! Follow the brands you like and peek at all of their newest, yummiest duds + get tipped off to sales on favorites. If you like something, reeeeeally like something, it’s yours! All of the shopping can be done straight from the app in a way that is completely optimized for the mobile user and done beautifully. Say bye to your willpower, shoppers.

Cost: Free for iOS

2. Photo Sphere Camera: You might not have Project Tango or Amazon Fire Phone in your pocket anytime soon, but you can still give your phone 3D superpowers thanks to Google’s new app. It lets you create 360 degree photos (think: how you’ve taken panoramic pix in the past) then publish them to Google Maps for the coolest photo scavenger hunt we’ve ever seen.

Cost: Free for iOS, optimized for iPhone 5

3. Humin: If you’re the kind of person who enters in new contacts by descriptors + first names (Blonde Lisa, Lisa SF Brit + Co, Lisa Talks a Lot, Lisa Dream Girl — YOU GET IT), then this is the upgrade you’re in need of. Humin is the ideal app for superstar networkers, forgetful folks and, yes, serial pick-up artists because it lets you add context to your contacts, then search for them the same way. Find the new friend you “met Friday night,” or call up a biz contact who “works at Twitter,” even see which friends are in town this weekend so you know who to add to that group text. Humin connects to your Facebook to let you know other random “small world” coincydinks about your new pals.

Cost: Free for iOS

4. YouCam Makeup: We know, we know, we had you at “makeup.” Us, too — when it’s a makeup app we are all over it like blush on the apples of yo’ cheeks! This one uses smart facial detection (our heart is just SINGING right now) to accurately get a sense for your facial features in order to slap realistic-looking cosmetics on them. We’re ignoring the weird facial perfecting features (uh, pls stop with those) and focusing on the makeup trying-on ones, thanks v much. This will be our dream app when there’s less fake nose filters and more real-life products that we can try on, but this does let you try on hundreds of colors and experiment with different “tools” — even false lashes. We could see this being handy for special occasions like bridal makeup, where you could paint up your dream face instead of pulling JUST Pinspiration.

Cost: Free for Android and iOS

5. Foodmento: Fancy yourself a bit of a foodie? Then forget apps like Foursquare and Yelp telling you what restaurant to dine in, you need to know what to EAT in that 5-star hotspot. Or what to slurp up in that underground noodle joint. This app lets you discover and share the best dishes around town and across the globe. Even make reservations + place delivery orders of those mouthwatering meals right through the app. Mmm.

Cost: Free for iOS

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What apps did you download this week? Share your favorites with us below!