We’ve been having a ball with Brit Kits and hope those of you that received your first kits have too. October’s kit was a kick off to the holiday season and was completely centered around balloon projects, namely LED balloons and confetti balloons. This month, we’re focused on tasty treats and keeping warm, which is why we’re excited to announce the TWO (yes, two!) different projects that will be included in the November boxes: Oreo Turkey Pops and Touchscreen Gloves!

We were so thrilled with your overwhelming response to our Oreo Turkey Pops and given how perfect they are for Thanksgiving, knew we had to give you the goods so that you could see just how easy (and delicious) they were to make. Best of all, no baking or mixing required!

Included materials (makes a half dozen pops):

– 18 assorted candy fruit slices

– 6 caramel squares

– 1 package Wilton candy melts

– 6 Oreos

– Orange sugar pearls

– Pack of Wilton candy eye balls

– Heart sprinkles

– Lollipop sticks

– Wilton disposable pastry bag

– Wilton No. 5 round decorating tip

**BIG NEWS** We know that some of you might have missed the boat on signing up for this month’s Brit Kit but may want to make these little guys for Turkey Day, so we’ve decided to offer them to you as a one-off kit in our new beta shop. The cost for the kit is $14.99 and we’re offering ground or expedited shipping to make sure you get them in time for Thanksgiving.

The second project in our November kit is a pair of touchscreen gloves. Never go through another winter with cold fingers! Touchscreen gloves let you use your smartphone or tablet while keeping your hands warm.The kit includes conductive fiber thread (which is generally pretty hard to find!), a set of needles, and a pair of black gloves. You can certainly use gloves you already have if you’d like. Here’s the instructional video for how to create them.

Warm fingers all winter long. You’ll be the envy of all your cold-fingered friends ;) And, you made it yourself! What’s better than that? The November Brit Kits will be shipping out early next week, so keep an eye on that mailbox.

But wait, there’s more! (We love informercial lingo, btw.) We’re also selling the Touchscreen Gloves Kit ($14.99) as a solo kit in the new Brit + Co. shop, along with all of the materials (including a free 3-month gift certificate to get unlimited music from Spotify) from last month’s LED Balloon Kit ($24.99).

If you haven’t signed up for Brit Kits yet, now’s your chance! Our December kits will go quickly, so make sure to grab your spot while they’re still available. Thank you to everyone who has supported us along this journey and we hope you enjoy your November kits. Happy making!

Have a question? Shoot us a note at hello@brit.co