Crock-Pot cooks the world over, rejoice. There’s a concept floating around the Internet that’s going to have you kicking your old slow cooker to the curb someday, and it’s lovingly named NUKE.

Created by Talia Brigneti, a student at Savannah College of Art and Design, the prototype for NUKE forgoes the single compartment of everyone’s favorite one-pot wonder in exchange for three pots that all work from the same base and are controlled from the comfort of your phone via an accompanying app.

So let’s run through what this future scenario might look like. You’ll get started by populating your NUKE profile. You’ll tell it about your dietary restrictions, how many people you cook for on the regular and what times you like to eat your meals. From there, the app will suggest recipes that fit your profile. You’ll pick one.

You’ll then notice that the lids and pots of each cooking chamber are a different color. The app is going to tell you which ingredients to put in which chamber. You’ll put the lids back on the pots, tap the circular touch-sensitive screen on each lid and let it know that your meal is ready to go.

If you’re not into any of the suggested recipes, that’s okay too. Just tell the app what you’re putting in each pot and at what time you’d like your meal to be ready. NUKE turns into a virtual Julia Child and will make sure everything comes out tasting lovely without you having to worry your pretty little head about a thing.

When you’re away from your kitchen, typing away on your keyboard, you might start jonesing for whatever you’re going to eat when you get home. Check your app and see how things are coming along. Or say you’re stuck at the office, working later than expected. Grab your phone and turn the heat down via the app to make sure your chicken doesn’t turned into a piece of jerky. Yes, you can control your cooking temps from your phone.

What it all amounts to is using one appliance to make one meal with minimal clean up. Oh, and yeah, that bit about being able to control cooking temps from your phone is pretty epic too. We see NUKE going over well with those who love to cook and love to eat healthy but don’t have the time to supervise the production of a meal — oh wait, that’s everyone.

So please, Talia Brigneti: Put NUKE on Kickstarter ASAP.

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