Look, we get it. Sometimes a gal just has to shut herself off from the world and take a little time to relax. For some of you that might mean putting on your coziest sweats, ordering takeout and binge-watching Broad City. For others, it could mean just grabbing this trusty privacy pod from your backpack and tuning out the world.

Meet 13 Nutshell, a privacy container-slash-pod-slash-hoodie that is perfect for finding a little R&R no matter where you are. If there are any of you among us who couldn’t use this at 3pm on a Monday, well, you probably aren’t reading this article anymore.

Designed by MFA student Eden Lew at the New York School of Visual Arts, the Nutshell is a portable one-person napping pod with an iPod jack. You can strap on the pod like a backpack and go about your business until you’re ready to fold down the hood and shut out the world.

The concept came when Lew’s professor asked her class to redesign the item they had most recently thrown out. For Lew, it was a sandwich wrapper. Not shockingly then, the Nutshell was originally called the Lunch Sack, with the idea that people could use it to eat lunch in private. We happen to prefer the napping angle, but hey, to each their own.

While Lew doesn’t have any immediate plans to produce the Nutshell for retail, we hope that we’ll be seeing this available for nabbing (and napping) ASAP.

What do you think of this privacy pod? Would you use one to get some peace and quiet? Let us know in the comments below!