We’ve all done it. Sometimes we can’t help ourselves, sometimes the urge is just too strong to resist. We’re talking, of course, about napping in public.

Whether you’ve fallen asleep at your desk, at the airport or on the bus, napping in public can be embarrassing (and we have some pretty humiliating stories we’d rather not share). But what’s worse is even when you need that nap, it’s almost always uncomfortable. Sore back, achy shoulders and a crick in your neck make your rest almost not even worth it.

So not gonna lie, this Ostrich pillow, which was basically made specifically for napping, is the best/most comfy/most adorable thing we’ve seen in a while. After all, it made our Kickstarter favs list for a reason. But unlike its larger cousin, this one is the perfect size to take with you no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing.

The Ostrich Pillow Mini is so compact, you could easily throw it in your carry on… or your purse. When you’re ready for a rest place, all you have to do is slip it on a various body part and, settle down, rest your head and get to napping.

It fits around your arm like a sleeve, or on your hand like a glove. Put it on your elbows, against your lower back, around your wrists or on your shoulder. The adaptable cushion gives you plenty of possibilities for finding a resting position. And not only is it super comfy, it’s also bright and colorful. Choose from black, blue, red and yellow for your new companion, and never wake up from a flight with a stiff neck again. Now, time to get some zzzs.

Would you use these tiny, portable pillows? Where do you think they’d be the most useful? Tell us in the comments below.