When it comes to working out, getting to the studio is half the battle. So obé (pronounced “obey”) is changing the game by delivering a high-energy, equipment-free routine right to your living room. Founders Mark Mullett and Ashley Mills designed it to have the same feel as a typical boutique workout class — think technicolored lights, upbeat music, and top-of-the-line instructors — in a livestream setting that’s meant to hold you accountable. Whether you’re constantly on the road for work or have a little one at home, this company is making crushing calories more convenient — and cooler — than ever before.


HOW DOes the program work?

When creating obé, an acronym for Our Body Electric, the founders aimed to break the barrier to exercise with a “no excuses” approach. “We wanted to solve the fact that fitness isn’t the most convenient… Our goal was to make it accessible,” says Mullett. The duo created an online platform that houses LIVE classes that still maintain the sense of community and commitment you’d normally find at a SoulCycle or Barry’s Bootcamp class.

Timing was also key. The classes are only livestreamed for six hours in the morning since this is the easiest time for people to commit to a routine. “Users are more likely to work out in the morning; it’s proven to make you more alert and awake during the day,” says Mills. And since the classes only 28 minutes, you can even squeeze in a productive sweat sesh before heading to the office.


what types of classes are available?

For a subscriber fee of $27 a month, users have access to the obé website and app where they can choose from a variety of classes. All are taught by top industry professionals and fall into three categories: Sweat (cardio), Define (strength and speed), and Flow (flexibility).”We wanted it to be a really complete program, so you get everything you need,” says Mullett. “It’s one of the most robust live offerings out there for a workout, seven days a week.”

Another noteworthy feature is the lack of equipment needed. Besides the occasional handheld weights or yoga mat, nothing (other than yourself) is required, for good reason. “Body weight can be the most effective workout tool,” says Mullett. Additionally, each of the sessions is set in a neon-infused space that channels a lively, Jane Fonda-esque vibe, all mixed with modern music. “We love the idea of making the classes feel like a fun, efficient workout,” he says.

Obé Program 2

What’s in the future for Obé?

The future looks bright for this brand — and we’re not just talking about the colorful studio setting. Between adding more classes and growing their community, the founders are eager to continually develop and expand. “Fitness is not one size fits all, it evolves over time for an effective on-the-go workout,” says Mullett.

Of course, getting to know their growing user group, and seeing how the classes fit into their lives, is certainly top of mind. “We love seeing set-ups of how people are working out. Is there a baby there? Is there a partner working out in the background? Are they in a hotel? We love that element. Home fitness has been a dreary thing, but it doesn’t have to be,” says Mullett.

If the change of seasons is calling for a change in your workout routine, head on over to the obé site to sign up for your first class. (Note: No leg warmers or nylon bodysuits required.)

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(Photos via obé)