Gallery walls have been a *huge* trend over the past couple years. It鈥檚 such an easy way to take a boring wall from drab to fab in an instant. If simple framed prints are taking over your space and you鈥檙e ready for something new, opt for some epic oil paintings instead. Hanging a few of these around your house will pack a BIG punch. Check out our faves below.


1. Beach Print ($23): If you鈥檙e on a budget, go for a print of an oil painting instead. The blue and pink hues in this one remind us of the beach, and we鈥檙e not mad about it.


2. Jewel Tones ($15): Pick up this jewel-toned mini canvas in the B+C Shop. At just $15, these bad boys are affordable enough to hang a few next to each other. They might be mini, but they鈥檙e totally mighty.


3. Guacamole ($1840): Found: The perfect canvas to hang in every guac-lover鈥檚 kitchen.


4. Abstract Print ($19): Is your apartment lacking in the color department? Choose an abstract print with bright hues like pink, yellow and turquoise.


5. Girl Boss ($5,000): Okay, so this one might be a bit of a splurge, but it鈥檚 *perfect* for the ultimate #GirlBoss.


6. Hints of Gold ($38): This canvas would go perfect above your workspace. Pair it with a few gilded office accessories and you are good to gold.


7. The Alps ($360): Colorful? Check. Abstract? Double check. This has everything you鈥檙e looking for in a modern oil painting.


8. Blues + Yellows ($63): Not a pink person? Then this blue and yellow abstract painting is totally your style.


9. Giant Strawberry ($1,350): How cool is this one? This artist couldn鈥檛 have fit more color onto the canvas if they tried. Rainbow strawberry FTW.


10. Color Study ($60): Make a big and bright statement with this color study canvas. And for just $60, you can get a couple and make an even bigger, bluer statement.


11. Punchy Chair ($219): Nothing screams modern wall art like a painting of a patterned chair, right? We wouldn鈥檛 mind having this chair IRL.


12. Abstract + Geometric ($305): If you鈥檙e not ready to hang a chair on your wall, this simple geometric canvas is a great way to make your living space unique.


13. Colorful Pup ($73): Let鈥檚 end things with the cutest (and most colorful!) pup ever. Make a statement above your couch with an oversized piece of art like this four-legged cutie.

What鈥檚 your favorite piece of art in your home? Show us in the comments below.