Guys, today is an important holiday. Onesie Day Worldwide is happening right now. Fleece or footed (or both), we are totally on board to zip ourselves into the coziest one-piece pajamas for the entire weekend. There’s nothing better than sipping on some cocoa (or a hot toddy), enjoying a Christmas movie marathon (Home Alone and Die Hard, anyone?) and having a few friends over for a DIY gift wrapping sesh. If you’re in the market for some new duds or don’t own a onesie yet, scroll on for 14 cozy options.


1. PJ Couture Plush Footed Jumpsuit ($20): For all the foodies out there, this footed fleece number is what you’d better be wearing the next time you bake up those little French cookies.


2. Pug Fleece Onesie ($68): It can’t get more adorable than this. Sport a pug for your mug and be warned that people just might pet you on the head.


3. Briefly Stated TMNT Footed Pajamas ($25): Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello — the gang’s all here! Talk about the ultimate #throwback.


4. Out From Under Ribbed Catsuit ($49): Channel your inner ballerina with this dainty ribbed catsuit, which doubles as a bodysuit you can layer under workwear for an extra layer of warmth.


5. Plush Heart-Printed Onesie ($25): Escape the snowflakes falling outside your window and wrap yourself up in this icy plush heart-print number. It’s even got a hood and kangaroo pocket for extra snuggling.


6. Fleece Christmas Pudding Onesie ($38): This is the most festive frock of the bunch, that’s for sure. We can’t get over the holly leaf antlers, and this dessert-covered onesie is making us hungry. Now bring us some figgy pudding, and bring some out here.


7. Cream AEO Polar Bear Fair Isle Onesie ($52): Have they started airing the Coca-Cola-polar-bear commercials yet? Those always get us in the holiday spirit, and this onesie will too.


8. Jenni by Jennifer Moore Mink Hooded Jumpsuit ($30): Rawr! Okay, we know that sound byte is more like the lion hunting down the zebra, but this printed onesie is fierce.


9. Plush Fair Isle Onesie ($25): You can’t go wrong with a classic seasonal print in alternating shades of blue.


10. Plush Puppy PJ Onesie ($23): When we spotted this puppy onesie, we knew we had to take him home.


11. VS Thermal Long Jane ($50): Strut your stuff down the runway (read: hallway) in this VS PINK onesie that those angels would wear.


12. Polka Dot Onesie ($66): This black and white polka dot print onesie is anything but basic. Check out those neon green hand and foot cuffs.


13. BP Undercover Free Spirit Stripe Thermal Jumpsuit ($48): A messy fishtail is the perfect onesie ‘do. It’s just as relaxed as this patriotic, striped onesie.


14. Harvington All-in-One ($99): We have a feeling this is the kind of delicate onesie Lauren Conrad would wear. It also comes in a tartan and fairisle print.

Will you slip into your onesie on Friday? Tag us on Twitter and Instagram at @britandco with a pic.