Happy Onesie Day! 14 Cozy Onesies to Wear This Weekend
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Happy Onesie Day! 14 Cozy Onesies to Wear This Weekend

Guys, today is an important holiday. Onesie Day Worldwide is happening right now. Fleece or footed (or both), we are totally on board to zip ourselves into the coziest one-piece pajamas for the entire weekend. There’s nothing better than sipping on some cocoa (or a hot toddy), enjoying a Christmas movie marathon (Home Alone and Die Hard, anyone?) and having a few friends over for a DIY gift wrapping sesh. If you’re in the market for some new duds or don’t own a onesie yet, scroll on for 14 cozy options.

1. PJ Couture Plush Footed Jumpsuit ($20): For all the foodies out there, this footed fleece number is what you’d better be wearing the next time you bake up those little French cookies.

2. Pug Fleece Onesie ($68): It can’t get more adorable than this. Sport a pug for your mug and be warned that people just might pet you on the head.

3. Briefly Stated TMNT Footed Pajamas ($25): Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello — the gang’s all here! Talk about the ultimate #throwback.

4. Out From Under Ribbed Catsuit ($49): Channel your inner ballerina with this dainty ribbed catsuit, which doubles as a bodysuit you can layer under workwear for an extra layer of warmth.

5. Plush Heart-Printed Onesie ($25): Escape the snowflakes falling outside your window and wrap yourself up in this icy plush heart-print number. It’s even got a hood and kangaroo pocket for extra snuggling.

6. Fleece Christmas Pudding Onesie ($38): This is the most festive frock of the bunch, that’s for sure. We can’t get over the holly leaf antlers, and this dessert-covered onesie is making us hungry. Now bring us some figgy pudding, and bring some out here.

7. Cream AEO Polar Bear Fair Isle Onesie ($52): Have they started airing the Coca-Cola-polar-bear commercials yet? Those always get us in the holiday spirit, and this onesie will too.

8. Jenni by Jennifer Moore Mink Hooded Jumpsuit ($30): Rawr! Okay, we know that sound byte is more like the lion hunting down the zebra, but this printed onesie is fierce.

9. Plush Fair Isle Onesie ($25): You can’t go wrong with a classic seasonal print in alternating shades of blue.

10. Plush Puppy PJ Onesie ($23): When we spotted this puppy onesie, we knew we had to take him home.

11. VS Thermal Long Jane ($50): Strut your stuff down the runway (read: hallway) in this VS PINK onesie that those angels would wear.

12. Polka Dot Onesie ($66): This black and white polka dot print onesie is anything but basic. Check out those neon green hand and foot cuffs.

13. BP Undercover Free Spirit Stripe Thermal Jumpsuit ($48): A messy fishtail is the perfect onesie ‘do. It’s just as relaxed as this patriotic, striped onesie.

14. Harvington All-in-One ($99): We have a feeling this is the kind of delicate onesie Lauren Conrad would wear. It also comes in a tartan and fairisle print.

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