The election is over, Halloween is behind us and our favorite holidays are ahead. We love getting crafty around here, and we’re always thinking of new things for you to create. Some of our favorites right now include a DIY bokeh lens cover (perfect for holiday photos), autumnal wreaths and funny cards and a bunch of different ways to totally nail Friendsgiving.

Another big part of the holidays, though, is gift giving — which means gift shopping! If there’s someone (or someones!) in your life who loves to create, we have the perfect gift idea. These online classes will keep your friends and family busy, and the results of their projects are sure to delight. Check out some of our favorites below!

Photo Styling Online Classes

1. Photo Styling: We love colorful photography, and Cake and Confetti‘s Meredith Staggers is here to help you make your Insta profile pop! By the end of this class, you’ll be a master of the popular flat lay shot (perfect for showing off your artsy creations!).

Intro to Ink Illustration Online Classes

2. Intro to Ink Illustration: Now there’s no excuse to say you can’t draw! Lauren Hom of Hom Sweet Hom will show you how to turn everyday objects into stunning works of art. Just take a look at her visual journal! After this class, you’ll be able to design your own greeting cards, wallpapers, menus and more. Maybe you can even make some fancy place cards for Thanksgiving.

Waterbrush Lettering Online Classes

3. Waterbrush Lettering: We love watercolor and lettering, and this online class combines the best of both worlds! Professional letterer Nicole Miyuki Santo brings out some of her best work to teach you how to spruce up your favorite quotes like the ones you see on Instagram.

Embroidered Typography Online Classes

4. Embroidered Typography: Who says embroidery is out of style?! Not us! Kristen Gula will show you how to add beautifully embellished word art to pillowcases, clothing and more with her years of experience in fiber artistry. Check out her website to get a taste of what you’ll see in her class!

Calligraphy 101 Online Class

5. Calligraphy 101: Learn how to spice up any lettering project from Blue Eye Brown Eye‘s Lauren Essl! She’ll teach you everything you need to know about beginning calligraphy (including which materials to use), and at the end, you’ll walk away with beautifully hand-scripted greeting cards — perfect for writing holiday thank-yous.

Calligraphy 201 Online Class

6. Calligraphy 201: If you’ve already got some calligraphy skillz (or you finished Calligraphy 101!), then this class is perfect for you. Lauren Essl is back to show you how to mix your own gouache, letter beautiful envelopes and digitize your work. Keep it up, and you’ll have a profitable Etsy shop in no time!

Intro to Gold Foiling Online Class

7. Intro to Gold Foiling: Our very own Lee Schellenberger is here to show you how to spruce up your art with beautiful metallic accents. (This would be perfect for those lettering projects!) Your wall art will get a pretty gold facelift, and you will totally wow anyone lucky enough to receive one of your handmade greeting cards. Psst! It’s a FREE class, so make sure to pair it with another one of our online classes!

Portrait Photography Online Class

8. Portrait Photography: If your passion lies not with the written or watercolored word but with beautiful photos, this class is for you. Sarah Deragon will show you how to get the best lighting, which camera settings to use and how to pose your subjects for the most natural-looking photos. She’ll even teach you how to edit your photos in Adobe Lightroom to get the best effects. Snap away!

Fauxligraphy: Pen Calligraphy Online Class

9. Fauxligraphy: Pen Calligraphy: Whether pen nibs make you a little nervous or you’re just not ready to commit to a bunch of special supplies, you can still get beautiful lettering done using fauxligraphy. Alyssa Thiel of Parris Chic Boutique is here to show you the way! You’ll learn how to turn your handwriting into a calligraphy style unique to you, and even how to transfer your designs to things like mugs so others can enjoy your beautiful work. All you need is a Sharpie!

Intro to Chalk Lettering Online Class

10. Intro to Chalk Lettering: The magic you’ll wield with a piece of chalk will be a boon to any bistro or café… or maybe just your own kitchen. Either way, the skills you’ll come away with after taking this class are sure to be stunning. Valerie McKeehan will teach you how to choose lettering styles and design techniques, draw different letter types and add embellishments to your design for a project with professional dimension. We can’t wait to see what you create!

If you aren’t familiar with how our online classes work, here’s the rundown: Once you buy a class, it’s yours for keeps. You’ll be able to access it forever! We also make it super easy to gift classes to your framily, although if you also want to gift one (or 20) to yourself, we won’t tell! Here’s how you can make sure your loved one doesn’t get their gift early:

Enjoy, and happy crafting!

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