It’s the most wonderful time of the year. As we start prepping for the holidays, twinkling lights are going up around the city and in homes. Which is why we thought it would be fun to take advantage of the pretty lights this year. How? By transforming our holiday photos with a unique photography effect called bokeh. Let’s take those holiday photos from ordinary to extraordinary!

Download the printable lens covers!

So what’s bokeh, you say? It’s a pretty photo effect that will make your holiday pics look absolutely dreamy. You can do so by using a focus technique on your camera. By focusing on a specific object, the goal is to blur any light sources in a photo. This creates the illusion of light orbs, like the examples from Insta below.

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Pretty, right? And now you can do it, too!

How? Well, we have an handy-dandy download for that! We’ve created three lens cover templates with various shapes (a Christmas tree, snowflake and heart to be exact) that you can download today. Just print out, cut out and attached your favorite cover to your DSLR camera lens. Then watch as you get that dreamy lighting effect in the bokeh shape of choice!


After mastering this basic focus technique, you can start getting creative with bokeh by creating your own shapes, too!

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